South Korea’s Largest Cryptocurrency Fund Backs SureRemit

A lot has happened since we opened our ICO pre-sale for SureRemit a few weeks ago. We’ve actively engaged our community and answered hundreds of questions from people all over the world. The feedback have been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re more energized to pursue our mission to make cross-border transmission of non-cash value cheap and seamless. We know the pain-points we are trying to soothe from personal experiences, but the ICO process has further exposed the global scale of the impact we could potentially have.

A really major validation so far is the decision of the largest cryptocurrency fund in South Korea, Hashed, to back the SureRemit project. Hashed is an impact-focused cryptocurrency fund that have backed many notable blockchain and blockchain-enabled projects in the past, including Airswap, Ethereum and Simple Token. They are now taking the lead in supporting high-impact blockchain projects originating out of Africa, including clearly viable cryptocurrency use-cases like SureRemit.

It’s uncommon to learn about a South Korean fund backing a project developed from Africa in such a big way, but that’s one of the beauties of the cryptocurrency world. Hashed’s participation in the SureRemit project is not only a testament to the merits and potential impact of our mission, it also demonstrates the opportunities provided by blockchain and cryptocurrencies to connect and support people wherever they are across the world.

Developing regions are generally behind the rest of the world in exposure to cryptocurrencies and blockchain implementations, even though such assets and projects are bound to have more tangible applications and profound impact in places like Africa and Latin America. In many countries, fiat currencies cannot be relied upon for transactions or as a store of value, and trust-based systems are notoriously compromised by human or system failures. A token like the Remit that is being developed to facilitate the transfer of non-cash value to destinations all over the developing world could potentially enrich the lives of billions of people, and that is exactly the kind of mission that excites them at Hashed.

We’re also excited about Hashed’s participation. As we enter into the crowd-sale of the SureRemit ICO, we have enough courage and conviction to take the lead with the development of real-life applications for cryptocurrency in markets where the revolutionary instruments are needed the most to solve today’s biggest problems.

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About Hashed

Hashed, Formerly, Blockchain Partners Korea (BPK), are on a mission to accelerate the global enablement of blockchain through community building and impact investing. They are conveners of #HashedLounge, which introduces global thought leaders and ground breaking project to Korea: giving investors and developers a chance to meet face to face.