Pipe Prediction

The last event of the surfing season is about to happen, even though we already know the champion, the Fantasy world still has a great competition. We want to know who will win in our league. The battle is very solid between GRONE and BRASILIAN STORM with less than 20 points difference. To rock on the Fantasy events is very important to stay aware of the events statistics.

Two surfers dominate the scene in the top of the rank. John John Florence and Gabriel Medina are the ones to watch on this event. The world champion has had an impressive improvement on his numbers this year and he has the second best average heat score in the waves of Pipe. Medina, on the other side, has one of the best heat winning percentage of the event and two consecutive finals. They can face each other in the final, let’s all cheer for that.

In the middle of the rank three surfers dominate the scene. Kelly Slater, Sebastian Ziets and Josh Kerr. There is no need to talk about Kelly, always a great contender on the waves of pipe and has the best average heat score of the venue (an amazing mark of 14.95). Sebastian Ziets has been surfing really great at pipe and this year is the best moment of his career, getting those facts togethers gives us the guarantee of solid performance. Josh Kerr is among the five surfers that won more heats in pipe since 2012, for sure is a solid pick.

On the bottom of the rank Jeremy Flores is the guy with the best performance at pipe, no arguments. He had already won the event in the past and will surf very relaxed after the QS classification.

The wildcards hasn’t been decided, for sure we will have more names to add on this list.

We hope you rock on Fantasy. Let’s see who will win on our league.

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