A Mirage of Tiny Ideas: Stories We’ve Loved

New Beliefs

We often find ourselves presented with new facts. The Oatmeal put together a nice comic that exposes our emotional surfaces to new ideas or perspectives. A newness that bristles our hair and leads to outrage. It’s this viewpoint we at Surface want to explore, both comfortably and uncomfortably.

From Sake to Hops

Shiga Kogen beer hails from Nagano, the Alps of Japan. It’s made by an old Sake brewery that’s crossed into craft beer brewing. My favorite beer from them brings together a nice summer time Pale Ale flavor. It’s both fruity, bitter, strong, and gentle at the same time. If you want to get a taste of the creations Japan has to offer craft beer, seek this out.

Taking the slow path

This semi-recent beer advertisement reminds us that rarely is any side of a surface truly wrong or right, they merely have history and consequences. No script will bridge these chasms. No magic bullet will make a happy ending (like Pepsi suggested). All we have is diligent patience and understanding for that which is not us.

Issues we sometimes forget about

Journalist Alice Su recently talked with the folks at Sinica about Chinese issues with ethnic/religious minorities that exposes a whole world of topics, views, and considerations many people forget about. Ever wondered what social implications exist for holding different beliefs while looking nearly the same as others? Ever wondered what happens when two cultures clash? This covers all those topics in a rather fun and approachable conversation.

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