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Vissla x Surfrider Foundation

Une combinaison de surf pour lutter contre le changement climatique, utopie ou proche réalité ? Découvrez la combinaison de surf du futur qui vous protégera des agressions extérieures dans un monde en pleine crise écologique. Conçue par la marque de surfwear Vissla en association avec l’ONG Surfrider Foundation.

The Seas Are Rising And So Are We. Our coastlines are under siege from the impacts of pollution, ocean acidification, climate change and fossil fuels. Rising sea levels and increasingly powerful storms have had a devastating effect on our shorelines and are putting our beaches and local surf spots at risk.

With these harsh environmental realities in mind, we’ve teamed up with the Surfrider Foundation to create a wetsuit that addresses these threats head on. Designed with insights from their leading environmental scientists and studies, we are proud to introduce the revolutionary Vissla Rising Seas wetsuit.

The Rising Seas wetsuit features our most advanced technical attributes that meet our rigorous standards for performance, warmth, comfort, durability and protection.

With a transformative, built-in Bio-Defense System, it will provide for a whole new level of protection and safety in the water

The intention: to protect and inform surfers of the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses, algae blooms, oil spills and high levels of run-off pollution in the water that might affect the outcome of their surf session.

Via wireless heads-up display with high-grade LCoS optical-level coating, the LED Display Mask will interpret, select and display data derived from nanotechnology sensors at an optimum visual location within the surfers primary field of view.

Bacteria levels, air quality, water safety, solar radiation and temperature levels will be displayed using digital symbology and alphanumeric text to allow you to gauge health risks during your surf session.

The Touch Screen Control Panel is the access point for all information displayed through the LED Display Mask. Satellite GPS location services provide access to location-based swell charts and up-to-date weather information. Toggle through display modes and set alerts for fluctuations in environmental conditions.

Alors, cette combinaison vous paraît-elle réaliste ?

Mi-Octobre 2019, une vidéo de la marque de surfwear Vissla apparaît sur le web et les réseaux sociaux.

Cette vidéo renvoie vers le site web ci-dessous

qui ne révèle pas encore ce qui s’avérera être un joli coup de com’ dévoilé quelques jours plus tard

The Rising Seas wetsuit concept was made to amplify attention to the urgent risks our oceans and coasts are facing

Due to climate change, extreme weather events are increasing at an alarming rate, destroying coastlines and devastating coastal communities. Warming water temperatures are producing increasingly more harmful algae blooms which will close beaches, kill wildlife, and cause severe illness to surfers and swimmers in result.

By 2070, it is estimated that, due to climate change, sea levels will rise by 3 feet, wiping out 87% of California’s best surf breaks. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has already given us a timeline.

We only have 11 years left to take bold and sweeping action on climate

Vous l’aurez donc compris, cette combinaison “du futur” n’existe pour l’heure pas mais l’avenir de la réussite de la protection de l’océan contre notamment sa pollution étant pour le moins très incertaine, cette combi n’est finalement pas tant utopiste que cela… on n’est pas si loin de la réalité…

Dans une interview à FastCompany, le CEO de Surfrider Foundation déclarait : “The basic sort of premise behind the campaign was to create this reaction, which is, ‘Wow, that wetsuit’s amazing. I want it,’ And then have that emotion quickly replaced with, ‘Oh, how sad is it that in the world we live in I need something like this.”

La marque Vissla encourage donc à donner auprès de l’ONG Surfrider Foundation, l’une des ONG les plus engagées dans la protection des océans.

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

80 Chapters + 82 Youth Clubs around the country and growing! We are a community of everyday people who passionately protect our coastal playgrounds.

In 2015, Vissla signed on to become a Surfrider Foundation Surf lndustry Coastal Defender. This coalition of like minded surf industry brands have joined forces to ensure our water is clean and beaches are healthy
for generations to come.

Learn how you can get involved with your local Surfrider chapter or club at

WE FOCUS OUR EFFORTS ON 5 KEY AREAS : Beach Access, Clean Water, Coastal Preservation, Ocean Protection, Plastic Pollution

“The Rising Seas ad was developed in tandem with creative directors Scott Brown and Alex Kemp, who co-own Lone Wolfs Objets d’Surf, a Los Angeles surf company with its own film and music division”

Vissla est une jeune marque de surfwear créée en 2014 par un ancien patron de la branche US de Billabong.



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