Portugual Bulletin: 1

I’ve not been to a WSL event in a few years, not since the big take over and rebranding. After ten plus years pretty much solid covering the Euro leg for a variety of titles and outlets at the start of the century a few years doing other stuff was most welcome. Much as it was fun I don’t miss sleeping in the back of an Astravan in the Mundaka car park in all night long hailstorms. Romantic as it might sound.

So it’s nice to be back in Peniche with the the circus in town. The challenge of shooting stills, making a clip and getting it all up on a daily basis without melting one’s mind is a knackering but enjoyable one. It’s mainly fuelled by coffee and chocolate covered Oreos…

Here’s todays wares:

And a bundle of still images for your delectation. For the gear geeks the stills are shot with a Canon 7DMk2 and a Canon 100–400mmMk2 lens and the video shot on a Sony A7S2 and a Canon 70–200 f2.8L lens.

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