Surf Films What I Have Made

I’ve been dicking about with moving pictures for a long time...

The modern world has made things a lot easier than the old days of tape to tape editing and VHS being your distribution system. Now we can all film, edit and distibute to the world for the cost of a camera and a laptop. Hell you can even make and distribute a film from your iPhone. Mental how things have changed. Anyhoose. Here’s some of my work... All filmed and edited by me.

Currently I use a Sony A7SII, Zeiss Loxia and Canon lenses, a DJI Mavic drone and water housings from Aquatech. Edit in FCPX on an creaky but faithful 13-inch retina MBP.

A film made for O’Neill to showcase their 2015/16 winter wetsuits. We had nine days of nothing then one incredible final day where the bulk of the surfing was shot. More from the trip here. Was honoured to have it shown on the cinema screen at the London Surf / Film Festival.

Fun in France with the Monster Europe crew. Water footage by Laurent Pujol everything else by me. No pain au chocolates were harmed in the process.

Cornwall cooking. It’s a rare event when it happens but it’s incredible when it does.

A clip featuring my first stab at drone work. A bafflingly wonderful but still very scary way of getting footage. Thankfully to use drones commercially you have to be trained, competent and licenses by the CAA. A really good idea and a process I’m glad I went through.

A real challenge this one. We had a set time frame of a week with Harley and Jack to do a trip somewhere in Europe when the Atlantic was being a dick. So we ended up missioning as far north as you can go then hurtling back down to Land’s End for a super session in perfect, if not foggy, log friendly peelers.

Filmed in Portugal December 2014, it was a last minute trip at the end of a super busy autumn season and I was broken. But. So glad I went as we lucked into all time Supertubes with a great crew and Willy Aliotti got a cover from his mad drop.

Oli Adams and a moody sojourn in the north. Most of the weather was filmed in one day in the same area. So changeable is the lovely British climate. Freezing hail in January when you’re trying to film is awesome. Honest. Got shown on the big screen at the London Surf / Film Festival which was a real honour.

Swam for five hours non-stop shooting this. One of my favourite sessions of all time. Big thanks to Micah Lester who found the Yorkie in my van and to Luis Eyre who paddled it out to me. Of course the second I opened it I got caught by a huge wide set. Thankfully chocolate is waterproof.

Filmed on location in Puerto Rico. And my most successful clip to date with 85K views. I think it went down well because with no sponsor agenda to please I could just show how the day went down.

Shot in April 2015 when Cornwall was just cooking for three weeks straight. This was shot in one day purely on a GoPro with a bunch of frothing British kids.

One of my first efforts from five years ago now! From a cracking Sri Lanka trip with all the crew for a UKPST event.

The Kelly & Mick show. Pumping France from five years ago. Same guys still killing it on tour.

The cameras have moved on, my early stuff was all shot on a Canon 7D…

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