January 7, 2016 downtime

Just before 10:00 PST today, Surge.sh had about one hour and twenty minutes of downtime.

Our goal is to provide you with timely information on any downtime we go through. Todays event has been particularly challenging to digest as the downtime was not a technical issue. We want to thank you, the surge community for your amazing support today and for all your encouragement as we have dealt with a fairly significant amount of growth recently.

We are working with DigitalOcean, and getting in touch with the other involved parties, to try and assess the situation further. Up until today, our experience with DigitalOcean has been very positive, so we wish to take a close look and the events that unfolded in order to provide accurate information and draw the correct conclusions on how to prevent the issue in the future.

We will be following this post with a much more in-depth discussion of what happened. We will also share specific steps we’ll take to mitigate this issue in the future, once we’ve had some time to gather more information and consider options.

These will be posted on Twitter and our blog if you’d like to stay updated. Again, we’d like to say thanks to everyone using Surge for being so understanding. We look forward to continue working on making Surge the best way to put static sites and client side applications into production.

More info to come.

Kenneth & Brock of Surge