Kenneth Ormandy speaking at CSSConf Australia!

Kenneth Ormandy — CSS Master, typographer, and a friendly face of the Vancouver design community.

If you’re going to be in Melbourne next week for CSSConf be sure to introduce yourself to Kenneth Ormandy to talk Typography, Type design, CSS oddities, and deploying static projects with Surge! Follow @kennethormandy.

CSSConf Australia — March 26th and 27th in Melbourne.

For anyone interested in Typography on the web, and how it impacts web performance, you wont want to miss this amazing talk. Here is a brief except to wet your appetite…

It’s 1556, and Pierre Haultin is punching a completely impractical, metal font: it’s space-efficient typographically, but far too small to read in print. He intentionally looked for the boundaries type can perform within. Centuries later, we face a similar dilemma…

CSS Conf is sold out but, but you can still get a ticket to Decompress the day after, which Kenneth will also be at

Decompress form CSSConf with presenters and attendees on Saturday March 28th, in the stunning Arts House Meat Market.

Kenneth works on both Surge, and Harp, and runs the stupendously popular Type Brigade in Vancouver.

Don’t be afraid to bend his ear about your thoughts and impressions of these tools. We would love to hear your feedback.

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