How Google Glass will innovate HealthCare. Part II.

Wearables meets Healthcare

Previous week we talked about Google Glass applied to HealthCare, listing four of the many possibilities that Google Glass offers.

Let’s to take a look to other Google Glass applications in HealthCare

5. Alerts and reminders

We all know that health practitioners and professionals are very busy people.
They have to manage many communications from paging, phone calls, email patients on their schedule, patients who need to be seen emergently, and data flowing from numerous clinical systems. They key to surviving the day is to transform data into information, knowledge and wisdom.
Google Glass are able to display those events and issues which are most critical, requiring action today (alerts) and those issues which are generally good for the wellness of the patient (reminders). Having the benefits of alerts and reminders enables a clinician to get done what is most important.

6. Emergency

This is an area with massive potential. Google Glass platform allows users to view and live-stream video recordings in a way that has never been simpler.

Consider this situation:

  • A Google Glass user in the street may happen to record a car accident; the user can then contact Emergency Services and live stream the incident as it unfolds.
  • A woman at home finds her husband has collapsed and is not breathing. She calls an ambulance and in the meantime follows instructions for performing chest compressions. She does this with the help of a first aid video from NHS Choices displayed on Google Glass.
  • A visiting nurse, social worker or paramedic who does not have the same expertise as hospital specialists can live stream a video of the patient and receive help and guidance in assessing the situation.
  • A surgeon stumbles upon a tricky situation mid-procedure and requires immediate assistance from a fellow surgeon in a different hospital, perhaps on the other side of the world.

Wearable Intelligence, a startup based in San Francisco, is building software solutions on top of wearable tech platforms including Google Glass, focused on the enterprise.

Here an explainer video of what they do for healthcare:

We can see how an emergency situation (a stroke, an heart attack, a car accident and so on) can be can be handled differently and better.

7. Electronic Health Records

Geeks know that Google Glass has some of the amazing hardware features when they develop: it is an amazing piece of hardware that changes the way a medical professional can see, literally. Having not only an iPad in hand, imagine if a physician can see more data without picking up a device. Google Glass is just that, Glass is a head set frame a doctor can wear, basically like glasses and can see data points from the side of the glasses. Visual tools are part of our future, building on the right hardware only makes sense.

In fact, drchrono, a start-up company focuses on medical records, with a focus on iPad and based in Mountain View, designed on how they might be leveraging Google Glass in the near future.

See how:

8. Medical Industry

This infographic sums up everything we’ve talked about and it creates new ideas to disrupt healthcare.

Enjoy it!

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