An Easy Way To Gain Engagement on Instagram: Running A Successful Contest

How To Run A Successful Instagram Contest To Gain Engagement, An Explosive Difference

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money!

Running a successful Instagram contest takes some thought and investment to make sure your return is worth it.

Well…let’s talk about the return before we begin.

Your return on social media isn’t always a sale. Sales are important. They’re going to keep your lights on and employees paid.

Think of social media as the maintenance and oil change on your car. Without it, you’ll have issues long term! Sometimes you could go without it and think you’re fine but it’ll always come back to bite you.

It’s something you need but can’t tell of its effect because it’s a long term investment.

A successful Instagram contest will explode in engagement!!

That’s the goal. To have more interaction than normal.

#1) keep in mind the more simple the requirements the better it’ll do.

follow us on IG (ensure the person who could potentially winning the contest is following your brand)

follow <the brand> on IG (collaborate with a brand that has a following so you can cross promote / share audiences between the two of you)

tag a friend to win in the comments (gets two other friends involved to see your post and hopefully they engage and enter as well…you get two sets of eyes to this post)

#2) give something away that’s worth it! you want to give away an item that someone would want for themselves but not necessarily buy full price. make sure the gift is desirable. remember you can write off things for your business so put some money behind this.

think about an item that’s hard to get! essentially reward your follower for being apart of your support team.

#3) hack the algorithm

the Instagram algorithm is about engagement!

have 5 of your most popular followers jump in on the engagement and boost the instagram algorithm. you’ll want to generate on the discover page so more eyes could be on your content + brand! if you can get those 5 people to engage in the first hour…you’ll have a higher chance of being seen.

Have fun and let us know how it goes!


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