Bloen [ Part I ]

Reyn’s Lament

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It started almost twenty years ago. I was not yet born, my parents lived on an island state that did not take part in the world’s wars. You see, the world was a mess. At first humans had thought that they were headed towards a brighter future for themselves, but with time, the greed that drove humanity had made them all poor. Hunger took over the world and a great war for resources landed its steady grip on the earth’s throat.

Destruction was inevitable and the blight of terror spread across the globe. It went infecting one country after the other. Alliances and allegiances meant nothing. Fear was now the only drive that humanity had. The richer countries survived a little bit longer, but they were doomed to fall. It was all crumbling down and there was nothing that anyone could do about it.

But during those heavy times, a group of thinkers —from doctors to garbage collectors— gathered themselves with whatever resources they had left. They formed a closed community along the shores of the mainland. They flourished, nurtured the land and managed to support their entire community. For years, the community grew; but it was obvious to the initiators that the more the community grew, the harder it’ll become to contain and manage. These thoughts hopscotched across the halls of their minds for years until one day, a small army tried approaching the city.

The community had its own defenses, although they preferred to live without the need for war. They fought the army back and protected their city, but the thoughts that haunted them were becoming true. As it turned out, the army was tipped off by someone inside the city. A spy of some sort had been reporting to one of the nations that had invaded a nearby region. They investigated for months but they could not find him. The initiators gathered and decided to move forward with a secret plan. The plan was to use the remaining ships and sail the entire community onto an island. It was an island that one of the community’s sea scouts had found. It was luscious but abandoned. It seemed —after scanning that island— they had found many minerals and natural goods that they could use to enhance the community itself. They found crude oil, which was thought to have run out, and natural gas. They found diamonds, gold and other valuable resources that were thought to not exist anymore.

The initiators had understood that the spy would probably move with them to the island, but it seemed something else was worrying them. At the time the people didn't know, but the community had a secret science center deep underground. The scientists there studied the skies and space. They also created new technologies to replicate some resources that were now missing from the planet. They had told the initiators that a huge asteroid is going to collide with the earth in ten years and it will obliterate the entire planet. They also told them that they had a solution for the survival of the community, however, it required a lot of work to accomplish.

The first group of people to leave the city and head for the island were the ones hand-picked by the initiators. Those were people they could trust. My parents’ neighbor was one of the initiators and he had given them access to the island. There, the people worked hard at accomplishing something that seemed impossible. They wanted to build a massive dome covering the entire island. The dome was molded from a weird kind of glass. It felt like concrete but was absolutely transparent. With the smartest scientists at work, they built small sensors along the surface of the dome. These sensors would gather cosmic radiation and reflect it inwards in the form of sunlight. They build a climate control system inside as well. With a considerable amount of water trapped inside the dome, they have transformed the island into a space-ship capable of traveling endlessly across space while maintaining life. The also built special solar panels to gather energy. Alongside those, they built special turbines that would rotate endlessly in a friction-less space as our island space-ship would cruise across the cosmos.

Ten years had passed, and then some more years, and that asteroid never came. The community continued surviving on that domed island — after moving the entire population there. More scientific advancments were made though. Also, being on an island made it harder for enemies to attack the community. They were protected as though with magic—a magic called science.

At the time, my father was working with the investigative force that held the responsibility of seeking out spies and other individuals that would work against the community. Everything was going well and fine, my mother was at the end of her pregnancy and I was about to be born. But it seemed the universe had decided, on that day, that all hell was to break loose.

Following a lead, my father hunted down the spy that had been feeding information to the outsiders. It turned out to be his old neighbor, best friend and one of the initiators of the community. In the process of arresting the spy, my father took a bullet to his head. On that same day my mother went into labour.

And on that same day, the asteroid finally came…

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