Bloen [ Part IX ]


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All the battalions at the camp followed my lead, as I rushed behind Anix and his crows. Defiantly, Anix had taken his crows out to spearhead a surprise counter-attack against the Dragon below Mount Vulkadt. He obviously knew I wouldn’t let him rush in alone, after-all, neither of us would be here if it weren’t for the other.

With the comm-systems up, I hailed the ships out of stealth. As they gained altitude, their cloak wore off and the ship’s guns at its bottom hull glared with resolve. Even the metal wanted revenge.

We approach the field from the southern end. The black smog of the day’s horror still lingered, making it almost impossible for us to navigate on the ground. Flying off from behind us, Anix and his crows had already concocted a strategy and started their attack. I knew what he was planning, instantly.

Flying low, their hyper-sonic suites pushed the smoke back into the mouth of the cave clearing the field and filling the tunnels with toxic black smoke. We started seeing hideous creatures coming out of those holes in the ground. Sickly-looking fiends they were. Some were thin sticks of biological gooe smudged and a-fixed together by rotating eye-balls. Others where metallic and molten, short, round and limbless — except for table-like legs that seem to alternatively pop in and out of existence. Ugly, strange fucking things. But it was they, or their likes, that have demolished our comrades earlier that day and vengeance drove us.

On their fly back, Anix’s crow descended on the foes with everything they got. I could see Anix from the distance, slashing and slicing through those horrifying monsters. Yet, I was troubled. I could not understand how such creatures could even exist. They seemed so…unreal.

I waited for that thought to subside and ordered the battalions into the fight. We rushed in from the southern side of the field, accelerating ourselves into higher speeds by slightly igniting our jet-packs as we ran. I pulled my hands outwards extending my suite’s blades and spun into the enemy ranks — whilst keeping my jet-pack on half-throttle. I sliced through them as my warriors — behind me — came in to finish off what remains. Anix and his crows, from the other end of the field, were — almost — blinking between the beasts, incapacitating them as another wave of their forces landed killing blows. Their engineered tactics were ridiculously effective, thanks to Anix’s training that is.

Thunderous sounds emerged from below the volcano as we were about to clear the field of their brood. In a sudden, fire shot out from some of the holes in the ground. Instantly our troops took to the skies with their jet-packs — we were not going to lose more soldiers today. The fires kept rising and would suddenly stop only to rise again as the thunderous sounds grew louder and louder. A last rumble and two huge holes erupt in the ground with lava spewing out. To our surprise — two massive robots emerged from the lava fountains and the molten rock subsided. The lava fountains had solidified and two giant — and identical — robots stood atop them. They appeared so comically designed. How could a robot with a barrel-shaped torso and pipe-like limbs be designed as a war machine. They were absurd to me, just like those beasts before. Their tin-can humongous heads twisted and turned erratically as they howled out their metallic calls to war — what I had earlier mistook for thunder.

And from the mouth of that cave at the bottom of Mount Vulkadt emerged a wingless serpent. It didn’t look much like a “wingless dragon” as Bryxun was described to me, it looked more like a worm with legs — Pale and thin.

Anix immediately ordered his troops to retreat back to the southern end of the field. I assumed he guessed my next move immediately and pushed his troops back to safety. And with a grin on my face, I called in the ships and they rained hell on the robots. The waves of ballistic shells streaming down from the ships onto them looked — poetically — like a lone cloud raining over a short spread of ground amidst a larger landscape. The massive machines were pulverized but we were only able to see that with our own eyes when the ships finally ran out of ammunition and the bullet-veil dropped.

Moving in fast — but not offensively — I approached the worm at the mouth of the cave. “Are you Bryxun?” I shouted at it.

“Ha ha ha you fool! You can’t tell a Wyvern from a Dragon. Lord Bryxu..” before the worm could complete its sentence, a large, black space rock came falling down on it, crushing it. It engulfed the area around it in flames for a while; but as the flames subsided, a black dragon emerged with wide, dark wings spread open as it screeched.

“Reyn!” Its voice rang out, echoing across the field behind me. “I’m here to help you take down Bryxun…you really thought you could do it alone?” It said, mockingly.

“Who the fuck are you?” I called back.

“Dirge” It said.