Dirge, The Endarkened [ Part II ]

The Golden Secret

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They were not very happy when they saw my face. I had assumed — and adequately so — that they felt as though I had been deceiving them. Duch’ik believed that Dirge was weak, Zusynoid was yet to embark on the journey to Dirge’s realm to aid him and Chi was under the impression that I was only a servant of the Black Dragon, not the dragon himself.

Confused, Zusynoid asked me, “Why must you kill her, Dirge?”. But how was I to answer such a riddling matter with a few words. I had to explain a whole lot more for him to understand the necessity of killing Freckles. Of all of them, Zusynoid was the one that needed to know most. He was, after all, the one that would help Dirge on his path to dragon-hood.

I urged Zusynoid to ask that question another time. I urged all of them to put their questions aside for the time being as we had to devise a plan, a strategy, to eliminate the HIVE once and for all. They agreed, but they did not like it very much.

“The entire matter depends mainly on acquiring the golden nexus, and then, using the white crystal on it, which would neutralize it.” I said, addressing them all. “But before we do so, we must neutralize all the terrestrial outposts that the HIVE had established on land. Which is why we need to split into four groups. Duch’ik and his cyborgs will attack the outpost north of here, while Zusynoid and Chi, would have to take out the smaller outpost to the northwest. Jhunz and his pirates should infiltrate the south-most outpost and disable the communication backbone that connects the outposts to the HIVE space base. I will attack the fourth outpost, to the east. After we’ve done so, we need to regroup at the HIVE city and excavate the ground to reach the golden nexus. Once we assume control over the nexus, the cyborgs will have an unlimited supply of liquid gold and that will be our first step towards destroying the HIVE.” I explained my strategy with as much detail as I could. I also explained to them that I had not completely thought it through but it was the best plan I could come up with on such short notice.

Duch’ik exclaimed as to why we wouldn't excavate the golden nexus before attacking the HIVE outposts. I explained that the HIVE had set up machines that monitor the nexus. These machines would inform the HIVE that we had knowledge of it once we started excavating and the HIVE would then obliterate the nexus remotely. I continued explaining how the outposts that we were to destroy contained the communication infrastructures that the HIVE was using to monitor the nexus from space. But before I could finish, a metallic dragon came floating downwards and onto the ship.

The she-dragon slowly transformed into a robot with wings, it was — as I assumed — one of the Nephsinners. “My name is NAiZ37, it is good to finally meet you, Black Dragon! Raigoth had spoken a lot about you and your ‘endarkenment’. Dracospire still suffers your black fires. Will you ever be going back there?” She spoke with judgement in her eyes. The last thing I wanted was more of my secrets exposed, but I could not eliminate her as I could see that Duch’ik held her in high regards. And the last thing I wanted was to get on his bad side. “Honor your Draconic vow, and keep your words to yourself robot.” Aggressively, I addressed her. “Know your place” I continued. NAiZ37 immediately switched the subject, she informed us that a small phalanges of robot fighters were approaching Sapienopolis.

In turn, I brought her up to speed regarding our plan. “How will you take out the entire outpost by yourself, Dirge” she questioned. Instead of answering her, I asked her to join me so that we ensure the outpost’s destruction. I could see that she wasn't too trusting, but I couldn't blame her, specially since she seemed aware of what I've done at Dracospire. I understood that her lack of sufficient information about that incident mostly is to blame in this case. So I thought I’d explain to her when we were alone. “I would like Mortsted to join me as well.” she said as her werewolf hybrid cyborg Mortsted came to her side.

“Very well then,” I agreed, “as I will ask Charly to join us as well”. Duch’ik rushed to ask “Charly! Is she the white werewolf that accompanied you when you put me in my deep sleep?” I nodded. I clicked my fingers together and then whistled, a white thunderous entity came rushing across the land at such a speed that made it appear like a blur. It stopped right at my side, and they could all see that she was a humanoid wolf with white and bronze fur covering her body. She had bulky blue eyes and wore a hooded black leather coat. Charly stood a little taller than me in my human form. She had two katanas strapped to her back and two belts that held throwing knives wrapped across her chest.

“Charly,” I explained “used to be a normal wolf before. But when I learned Draconic magic I turned her into a werewolf and trained her in the arts of war”. Everyone greeted Charly as she bowed, once, to greet them all back.

“NAiZ, Charly, Mortsted and I will head on to destroy the approaching robot phalanges and then continue towards the outpost assigned to us. You guys should already gather your equipment and head out towards your respective target outposts.” I gave out the instructions and quickly took to flight, signaling NAiZ to follow me towards the approaching forces of robots.

In mid-air, NAiZ spoke again “I, I probably shouldn't have mentioned Dracospire in front of the rest, but, you know you need to go back eventually. They need you there .” I ignored her words and kept on looking forward. Her reaction to that was silence. I could see that she cared about Dracospire but she does not even understand half of the issue; even I did not understand what had happened back then, and Xzain had asked me to forget about it until the current task at hand — eliminating Freckles —was taken care of.

NAiZ spotted the robot armies below us. I signaled her to start our descent and attack them. But before we could reach them, massive purple fires rained down melting the masses of robots right in their place. Those purple fires were familiar to me; those fires came from an old friend of mine, Raigoth.

“Good day your majesty,” Raigoth addressed me “How may I be of assistance to your highness.”.