HIVE dot I [ Part IX ]

Nephsinners’ Exodus

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I held the human politicians in a special cell. The air ducts connected to that cell were poisoned everyday with nanobots that operated under my control.

What amazed me at first, was the capability of the human immune system. I already knew that if I’d implant my nanobots in humans, their immune system would fight back. But my nanobots would learn and eventually, they would adapt to the immune system’s attacks. The time required for my nanobots to adapt, as I predicted, would be one day. However, it took four days instead; My calculations were never off by a margin that large. I understood from the analyzed data later that the humans had been receiving medical treatments to boost their health, treatments that were created by cyborgs. It was as though the cyborgs — or the nephsinners — had predicted my moves, some of my moves.

This was marked as an obstacle that might get in the way of my plans. I assigned specific processes and highly capable machines to handle finding a solution. In the meantime, I started using the nanobots that have adapted to the humans’ bodies to control these humans. I understood that before I put the politicians back in the city, I had to remove my nanobots from their system lest they be detected. The plan had to remain obscured, otherwise it would fail.

I knew that the cyborgs and the nephsinners were planning on attacking the HIVE city very soon. I needed a plan to disable that attack, to kill it in its crib. My solution for that came hand-in-hand with several other moves I needed to make. I started by building tunnels from different sides of the HIVE city and extended them outwards into the open fields. I kept them subtle and hidden as to not cause any skepticism. I wanted to create a fake way into the city, one that the humans, cyborgs and nephsinners would believe they can use; but that was not nearly enough. I created service logs in the mainframes that controlled my glorious city, these fake logs listed the purpose of these tunnels, which were ‘resources and reinforcements express tunnels’. Along with the security guidelines to access the tunnels, I added all the required access codes and then encrypted the entire file with my current encryption algorithm. A quick update across my systems upgraded all my machines to use a new encryption approach that was even more powerful than the one before it; since that previous one was about to get exposed.

Of the four politicians I had kidnapped, only one was useful to me. The others were merely decoys for the second half of my plan.

The humans had learned previously that their ruling systems needs to follow a form of technocracy. And as such, ever since then, all their politicians were chosen based on their education in the fields that they were to manage as part of the government. One of the politicians in my captivity was their Minister of Technology. Which brings me back to the nanobots.

I used the nanobots to stimulate the different neurons that controlled these human’s cognitive abilities and then proceeded to brainwash them. I convinced the “techy” that he was capable of hacking into my mainframe and extracting both the fake service log and the encryption algorithm. I convinced the others that they were not kidnapped, instead, they were invited over to the HIVE city for a meeting of political purposes. I made them believe that we were discussing peace. I also discussed the matter of the nephsinners; I persuaded the human politicians to exile the nephsinners from Sapienopolis as they were a threat to human-kind. I told them that they need to convince the humans in their state that my machines will only attack nephsinners and if they remained in Sapienopolis then the city will not be safe. But I maintained to the politicians that they should also keep that attack coming. They must not appear as though they have hindered the cyborg plans.

I sent back the politicians to Sapienopolis in a glorified ship, as to maintain appearances. I wanted the humans to believe that I wanted peace and that was why I had ‘invited’ the politicians for a discussion.

And just as planned, the politicians swayed the public opinion as I had asked them too.

My spy units kept me informed on a daily basis regarding what was happening.

First, the minister of technology met with the human army chiefs. He handed them the intelligence he had ‘hacked out of my system’. After that, the politicians made a public announcement disclosing the conversation I ‘had with them’. The public opinion swayed to my will and the nephsinners were asked to leave Sapienopolis. Obviously, I knew that the nephsinners will not give up that fast; I was sure they’d establish a base of operations on their own. But I needed to divide and conquer, one step at a time.

The human army with the now disgruntled cyborgs — they did not take the exile of the nephsinners easily —moved forward with their plans to attack the HIVE city. But they had no idea what was planned for them. Their attempt to deceive me was… ‘cute’. They had mounted an attack on my city, head-on, with about thirty percent of their forces. The remaining forces planned on infiltrating the city through the fake tunnels I had created. A small force of my upgraded ninja-bots held the head-on attack at bay but without making any advancement. In the meantime, my ambush robots had implanted themselves along the length of each of the seven fake tunnels. Thousands of them.

All synced to my central command, the ambush-bots pounced on the enemy forces trapped in those fake tunnels.

The massacre was flawless.