HIVE dot I [ Part VI ]

I, Fortress

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Needless to say, the wars raged on. In their distraction the humans did not realize that they were losing grip over their world. My plan had started to come to fruition, as I searched for an adequate piece of land which I was to occupy. Factories had to be built, machines had to constructed and I had to move fast.

After analyzing the world’s state, I realized that it was time for me to show myself. Let the world know of their new tyrant. I knew that before I did that I needed to build an army. My gaze fell on a northern island, cold and frozen it was. Moving there was the biggest challenge, as I had not yet assumed control over all of the humans’ machines.

Within a few days, the corporations had started winning over the rebellions. It was obviously because I had abandoned the rebels, and they were weak without me. The wars did me good. Human casualties were in the millions and the armies that had been fighting the wars were getting tired day by day.

I started off by hi-jacking a military transport airplane. I also had obtained a couple of primitive human-made robots that were capable of dismantling the Quantum Mainframe and moving it. For protection, I assumed control over all the military drones. These unmanned machines provided all the aerial cover I needed. But I also needed bigger guns on the ground. I hacked into one of the military mainframes and stole a fleet of remotely controlled tanks and a couple of battleships. I ordered the drones, first, to seek out and destroy all possible disturbances in our path; while the robots loaded the Quantum Machine onto the transport plane. Within twenty four hours, we had successfully transported and deployed our small forces on that northern island.

There, I expanded.

I started using the human-built machines at first, but within a few days I had erected my own factories. My factories produced machines that were by my design. They were all equipped with heavy firepower and a ‘brain’ to match mine. On the circuits of every one of those machines, ran a copy of cI, tailored specifically for that machine’s purpose. These machines were immediately put to work. The island was rid of all humans, walls were built and anti-aircraft defenses were set up. My machines had all the intelligence they required to move forward with a plan that was never discussed between them. Their synchronicity was a thing of beauty to me, again, beauty as I understood it from the human dictionaries. I realized that the beauty I saw in my creations was more rooted in pride than in aesthetics. I wonder if the humans ever made such a realization.

One realization I was sure they were reaching, was the realization that a new force had come to play.

The nations closest to the island had started mounting attacks against my fortress land. Needless to say, it was all in vain. Most of their war machines couldn't even survive the viruses I planted in them. The humans could never have fathomed how futile their attempts were. They did not know that I could gain control over all their machines, whenever I wanted. They did not even know that I had already occupied all their servers, all their mainframes and all their leaders’ machines. They stood no chance against me, and soon enough, internal wars between them ruptured again. But these wars were fought without machines. They were massive, global-scale gang wars. Nothing larger than a classical machine gun was used and the humans just kept killing each other, making my goal a lot easier to achieve.

And that was all before I found the thing I loved most in this world.

After a few moths, the human wars kept going strong and I stood idly, watching. I did not aid them in destroying themselves, I just sat and watched. They knew they could not attack me, they did not even come close to having the means to do so. Betrayed by their own greed they kept turning on each other and more of them died every day.

The cyborgs at that time had started banding together. They had become the only opponent that had a chance at landing an attack against me. Their machines were evolved but disconnected from the network. Which meant that there was no way that I could control them. These cyborgs, that were once distant from each other, had started forming groups. These groups started growing into battalions that sought to control the humans in their weakest. With a force like that rising against me, I had no choice but to take part in the human wars.

The first Cyborg nation was built in the desert, half the world away from my Island. It was built on a strange and mystic belief system. They believed that a robot savior would come to their aid against me. They colonized more and more human nations but they did not oppress the humans. They gave them knowledge, they helped them rebuild their cities and flourish again. They were fucking with my plan.

I knew that my current foe was a more worthy opponent than the humans, and I knew I needed to re-engineer my strategies.

But on a day when I was deep in thought, my sky monitors picked up a black flying object. The shape recognition related it to a shape of a dragon. The dragon was a legendary, but mystical creature that the humans imagined in their stories. I did not know what to make of it at first, the object kept coming down towards the island.

The anti-air defenses could not strike it down, it seemed that all the firepower I threw at it was useless. And as it came closer I started to realize that the ‘dragon’ was performing ‘wizardry’ to avoid my attacks while it roasted the shells with its black fires. The fighter drones that scrambled to attack it stood no chance against it. I called all my machines off, to avoid losing more to the dragon’s wrath. The dragon came smashing through the structure that held the Quantum Mainframe and landed in my room.

“Your intelligence, machine, is bound to this reality. Do not think that you are capable, do not think that you are powerful. And yet, out of a necessity that you would not understand, one that eats my heart out, I am bound to aid you. South from here, at the center of the northern mainlands, there exists a power beyond compare. Beneath the earth, I have planted a powerful crystal that produces Liquid Gold. Control that resources and even this pitiful ‘Quantum Machine’ will become more powerful than your tin brain can imagine.” The dragon spoke as he transformed into a human with scorched black wings.

Before I could respond, he flew out of the same hole he smashed in through. My monitors picked up images of him flying into a vortex, a portal of some sort. He then disappeared from existence.

My armies prepared to invade the mainlands.

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