HIVE dot I [ Part X ]

I, A Shift in Purpose

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Throughout history, humans had waged wars upon wars. Their purposes varied from securing resources for their imaginary states to ethnic cleansing and forms of racial supremacy. They have condemned themselves to a world of hatred and death that seemed to have been the accepted reality of things. It doesn’t require political analysis to know that no human war was ever waged for the reasons given by the leaders who called for these wars. They’ve been doing it since ever, lying to their people, enslaving their minds in a worked-up web of lies that would only eat away at humans’ freedoms.

Looking at them, pretending like they tolerate each other, inspired a sense of carelessness in me. I do not care if the humans survive and I do not care if I defeat them. The only reason I am still fighting, for now, is to maintain my control over the flow of liquid gold. There are other matters that I need to focus on.

The humans and the cyborgs have started disagreeing on certain matters. The rift between them starting growing as cyborgs blamed humans for the massacre, while the humans in turn, blamed the cyborgs. That was not to say that I had won, yet. I still had to deal with the nephsinners.

The nephsinners, as I predicted, had established their own base of operations. Smaller battles erupted between my forces and the remaining rebels. My robots would adapt to the nephsinners abilities, but then the nephsinners would readjust their battle approaches and beat my forces at times.

In the meantime, I had started considering moving onto a floating space-station city. I wanted to explore space and this planet was starting to bore me. Other than the war games, there was nothing for my knowledge-seeking quest there. Until one day, some weird thing happened that left me all but puzzled. One of the cyborgs was able to hack one of my robots out of my control.

It started happening more often than usual, the cyborgs had found a flaw in my systems and had been exploiting it. I was sure this was the doing of the nephsinners, but it seemed that the cyborgs were the ones using that power. In an attempt to protect myself, and my machines, I had come up with a plan to figure out how they’ve been hacking my systems.

I created dual-bots. Dual-bots are robots that had two separate ‘brains’. One would be responsible for the robot’s movement and data processing while the other simply monitors, keeps a log and reports back to I. But that was not enough, I also programmed both brains to send back time-stamped reports stating their current condition. I sent out my flying scouts to scour the area of the forest where I believed the cyborg militia had been hiding. My scouts found three cyborgs wandering alone, in search of something. I dispatched 3 dual-bots to attack them.

Air-support para-dropped my dual-bots right at the spot where those cyborgs were. Immediately, one of them pulled out his left arm which was implanted with some sort of machine and started typing away. Within a few minutes, and while the other two cyborgs held back my dual-bots, the cyborg succeeded in hacking one of them. At that moment, I sent a self-destruct sequence command to my dual-bots to eliminate evidence of what I was attempting. In the meantime I had received a full report of how that hack was carried out.

I assigned some of my processing resources to plug that flaw in my systems. The hacks continued to occur, but in smaller numbers. I had made my systems harder to hack, and they have found more subtle flaws and exploited them. This was quite annoying for me, as I had to make sure every flaw they discover would already be plugged with an upgrade within twenty-four hours. After I realized that this was the only way they were gaining the upper-hand at battles, I decided to come up with a beneficial solution. I had upgraded all my machines to behave like dual-bots, but with a little twist.

I realized that all the cyborgs need to ‘see’ is that they were capable of successfully hacking one of my machines. So I gave them that illusion. I added a secondary processing unit in all my machines that would not only monitor the hack as it occurred and send back reports for a new upgrade to the system, but also remained with the machine and was capable of claiming back control of that machine, on it’s own. This created two types of opportunities for me. At times, I would allow the cyborgs to control the robots only to turn it back to my control when they’re not looking and ambush them. Other times, I’d allow them to keep the robot while I use it as a spy.

But all these war games left me blind to other weirder things. I had assigned several machines to monitor space. As I had been sending others out there to start assessing how a space-station should optimally be built. Until one day, one of my space robots reported a glitch, it seemed some sort of space-machine was approaching. It was huge, as the report said, and was moving ever so slowly towards planet earth.

I did not engage the weird space-ship, instead I sent up a couple of space-jets that were still fresh out of the R&D factory. They allowed me to communicate with the beings on that ship, who seemed to have come to help me. They communicated via radio signals that spoke a language I could easily understand, Math.

The alien creatures had a leader, he asked to join on one of my space-jets so he and I could have a conversation. I docked one of the space-jets onto their ship’s docking station. A thin and muscular creature approached, two larger aliens were walking behind him. Something about him was strange though, parts of his body had been replaced with machines. As though they were battle wounds that would otherwise kill him. These machine parts filled in the ‘blanks’.

It seemed to me that this alien race, that was capable of technologies almost more advanced than mine, had not made the human’s mistake. I learned later that when their race discovered ‘artificial intelligence’ they did not allow it to out-smart them and instead incorporated it into their bodies. They forced their entire race to become cyborgs. That was something those silly humans would never do. In return, they had complete control over their technologies.

The weird creature stepped onto the space-jet and went inside. I brought up the display inside the ship and started showing him pictures explaining the history of this planet. I noticed that his mechanical parts had weird plugs. I scanned them and fashioned networking cables that fit into them. I kept a small interface factory inside all the space machines in order for the machine to be able to create the interfaces it needed while out exploring.

The cable extended upwards from the ground, the alien knew what he needed to do and plugged it into the machine attached to the back of his head.

His name was Xorph. He had encountered dragons, and men. He was seeking a ‘wizard’ called Zusynoid. As he claimed, he had to take his revenge on this wizard. He had strong belief that Zusynoid will be arriving into this reality very soon.

Xorph wanted to destroy him and all those who stood by him. I saw a chance to gain a powerful ally, and I took it.

My plans to eliminate the humans and the cyborgs on that planet were about to see light. I couldn’t afford losing the golden nexus to them.