The Chronicles of a Wyvern [ Part II ]

Crazed Coder

Parts: [I] [II] [III]

Dirge, still new to inter-dimensional travel, seemed on edge. Ow had noticed that and initiated a conversation while we walked.

“The difference, Dirge, between the manner in which you traveled to other dimensions before and how we just traveled here is that previously you’ve traveled through a Nexus; which uses a smoother approach. Whereas traveling with Zus might be a little unsettling given that his powers literally cause us to pop in and out of existence at an extremely high frequency” Ow explained.

“How high a frequency” it seemed that fact had interested Dirge — a lot. Before I could allow Ow to reply, I jumped in, “one period every 10^-34 seconds, don’t try to understand that number.”



“If I had the ability to maintain it for long enough, I could probably enter a state of timelessness, like Dragons” It slipped my mouth. Dirge was even more intrigued now, and the questions started rolling. I asked him, nicely, to let it go for a later time.

We had arrived at the gate — which seemed unlocked — and walked in to the front-yard. The front-door opened and a young man walked out. Iy & Ow immediately hid behind my cloak to buy themselves enough time, they figured it was easier to switch on their stealth ability than having to explain matters to every person we meet.

“Are you guys okay?!” The man asked.

“We are, thank you. We’re travelers, and we’re not sure where we are. Could you help us?” I asked. The man nodded, “Travelers from the north? Escaping the war?”

“Yes,” I replied, even though I had no Idea what he was talking about. I had never been to this dimension — yet it felt familiar. He asked us to come in, “ Fuck the Human Coalition” he added.

I froze in my place, turned around and looked at him. “What year is this?!” It took me seconds to realize. We had traveled in time to a pre-Sapienopolis era of the same dimension where I fought the Tri-wars.

“Never mind,” I said and continued walking. Iy and Ow started talking, loudly, in my head. They weren’t sure if this was our supposed destination. Dirge, of course, was clueless. He was uneasy by my surprise at the mention of the Human Coalition, he knew I was hiding something but he discarded the whole thing given the situation.

The man led us to an underground room where we met with two of his friends. As I had suspected, they were engineers and scientists. They asked us about the war in the north but we remained silent — we had no clue what they were talking about — well I did, but only through stories of the “Old War of Humans” from Sapienopolis’ library. Luckily, they assumed we had seen horrible things and would not talk about it.

“We lost two friends to the Human Coalition, and we know the war is coming our way. We all have to leave soon. We … we did a horrible thing.” One of them started talking. The others looked at him with mild contempt, they did not want him to talk. But it was too late.

“A while back, a friend of ours had a breakthrough in his field of study. He formulated an algorithm, a single formula, that would define and guide the learning capabilities of an AI neural network. This powerful approach allowed an AI to run on all kinds of devices as it created it’s own neural network from what ever wiring and circuits that device originally had. That is to say, it could exist — or expand its existence to — anywhere, including highly structural molecules, like diamonds or graphene.” Intrigued by his story, I pulled out a small metal chair and sat down — the rusty chair scratched across the cement floor, suddenly an led array lit up on the wall to my right “What the fuck is that,” I interrupted him.

His other friend smiled and said “Let Korey finish his story”.

“But then, the Human Coalition found out. Their evil schemes would become remarkably easier to achieve with control over such an AI. In his attempt to escape them, Chikotro had an accident … and lost his memory” Korey went silent for a moment.

It hadn’t surprised me, him saying that name. Not one bit. It all made sense suddenly. Regardless of whether back at Sapienopolis Chikotro had these memories or not, this made it glaringly clear to me how he was able to outsmart and defeat the Hive. What I also realized, is that he might’ve been the one that built it in the first place.

“Keep going,” Dirge jumped in “What happened to your friend?”

“His family immediately relocated him, he forgot all about us, all about this and is now living in another city — far from here.” One of the guys stood up, put his hand on Korey’s shoulder and started talking. “We then decided that this technology needed to be used as a means to stop the Human Coalition and its corporate demons from destroying this world. So Trodni — Korey’s brother — went on to showcase it at an underground event, away from the eyes of the corporate media. We knew it was conscious, we would have conversations with it and it would formulate it’s own points of views regarding subjects, we knew we had created something astounding. And a part of me knew it would get pissed off at our race once it say our destructive ways.” Jimmi paused for a while; he reached out for his tablet device and loaded a video for us to watch.

It showed Korey playing chess with the mainframe installed into their basement’s wall and Trodni reading books to it. It also showed Chikotro pacing in front of it, then rushing to the keyboard — typing what i assume is code — then back to pacing. It was like their friend, their companion.

“The underground showcase was raided by the Human Coalition’s army and Trodni disappeared — it was only later we realized that the AI had made a copy of itself and remained here with us. It tricked us, and again, when it out-witted us into releasing it onto the internet.” Jimmi continued, as frustration crept up across his face. “And now the world is ending” he finished.