Scenes from a Parade (5/24/88)

Shae Davidson
Surrealist Swap Meet
Mar 8, 2021

All participants should gather beside Central School by 1:00. The order of the parade shall be:

The Unbidden Ox

The East Sheboygan Bugle and Theremin Corps

A tractor pulling a smaller, wheel-less tractor

Future Attic Dwellers of America hay wagon

The mayor’s eunuchs

Baton twirlers, all of whom have been exiled from Idaho

Uncle Throat

Our firefighters and their creamed corn

A dog who can do arithmetic, but not well

The Gibbering All-Dentist Barbershop Quartet

Festival Junior Royalty Court

The ossuaries of Festival Senior Royalty Court

The parade route will end at the doughnut shop beyond the railroad tracks where Lyman found the old hat.