The Bison of Exquisite Penmanship

Shae Davidson
Surrealist Swap Meet
2 min readMar 10, 2021


Hello again, dear friends,

It warms my heart that you have joined me for another lesson. Today we shall continue to practice our minuscules.

Prepare several slips of paper and choose your favorite pen. The preparation itself is an art. Enjoy a cup of dandelion tea while you cut each slip to size, and if in the instant your hand touches your pen your heart leads you to sit on your porch for a few moments reminiscing about the jazz concert you attended with your girlfriend that one summer then by all means please do so.

Taking the time to enjoy each stroke, write the following phrases on the slips you have prepared so carefully:

The baroque petticoat rustles in the false dawn.

Dream ticket.

The Emperor of Owls loves you.

The Seraphim of Towers know when you’ve been sleeping, but not when you’re awake.

Three pigs dance in the moonlight, but only one has rhythm.

The Beasts of the Tearing Messiah will appear in Ohio.

Be the ellipsis in the poetry of industrialization.

Meet me by the bone tree.

Inspected by the Five Wraiths of Silence.

The communion of monoliths is the reason for the season!

The discipline and sense of satisfaction that grow out of good handwriting are their own reward. While modesty is a virtue, there is no shame in wanting to share the progress of your penmanship with others. Take the slips of paper with you the next time you go on an errand or outing, and leave them tucked away on shop shelves, in chiropractors’ waiting rooms, and between the pages of hymnals for others to find.

Faithfully yours,

The Bison of Exquisite Penmanship