Music has been around as long as the earth has existed. The birds have always sung, everything makes its own music. As time passed music evolved, Instruments were created, notes and beats were developed. Classical music by people like Beethoven and Mozart came about. And more inventions to satisfy peoples hunger followed. The radio was one such invention, it gave humans the ability to listen to music at any time of the day from the comfort of their own homes.

Music has continued to advance, many people view it as a way to express themselves without people brushing their words off as if they were nothing. How many songs are there about suicide or being abandoned or just pain. If you go onto iTunes and type pain into the search bar it comes up with around 500 results of songs with the word pain in the title. And within that list of songs there are songs from not only rock but rap and pop as well. There is even a band named pain.

How many people want to hear someone say ‘oh yeah, my wife left me and my job sucks and I pretty much hate everything in life’? No one! And yet when it’s put to music you probably listen to it five times a day till you burn yourself out on it.

Music is one of the few things, in this world filled with fickle people, which will never die. It will change and evolve but it will always be around. Music not only helps you express yourself but it also helps you relax and feel at peace. It can help you focus and drown out your worries, it can bring you hope and remind you that whatever you are going through is temporary. Whether you understand the lyrics or not you can still understand a song by the tone of the singer, the beat, the instruments and how it makes you feel. Music is simply something that this world cannot live without.

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