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Google Forms Alternative to Turn Surveys into Conversations

Here’s why SurveySparrow is the best Google Forms Alternative

Form-filling interface is dated. Frustrated that Google Forms offers only the conventional form-filling experience? Yet to find a survey software with an appealing interface that wouldn’t bore your audience to death? Want a smooth survey experience for your audience and yourself?

SurveySparrow comes with a conversational interface which lets you create mobile-first surveys having a chat-like experience. Posing one question at a time, the survey-taking experience can’t get any more personal & engaging resulting in a 40% higher completion rate.

SurveySparrow’s mobile-first surveys offer a chat-like experience.

Google Forms with a dull form-filling experience and outdated UI.

Tired of manually sending out the same pulse survey again and again? Wishing there was a guaranteed way so you wouldn’t forget that fortnightly ritual? Automating surveys is the solution you were looking for. Why don’t you switch to an online survey software which enables you schedule and automate surveys?

With SurveySparrow’s Recurring Surveys, you can schedule and send automated surveys at regular intervals to collect feedback for a system of continuous improvement. SurveySparrow is way more flexible than you’d have thought. You are only required to set up the survey once and for all, and the system will do the rest for you.

SurveySparrow has Recurring Surveys.

Google Forms doesn’t have Recurring Surveys.

Do you have a specific audience in mind for a particular survey but couldn’t target them alone? Want to collect feedback from only a relevant segment of your audience? Unable to do the same with Google Forms?

With a built-in Audience Management, SurveySparrow helps you easily group your audience based on their profiles or the categories you made. For instance, if you are looking to target Digital Marketers to attend the survey, you can do it. Or, if you want to collect feedback from people of the 25–35 age group, you execute the same. Moreover, contacts can be imported by uploading a CSV file.

With SurveySparrow’s Audience Management you can segment and manage your audience easily.

Google Forms lacks on Audience Management.

Still sending out your email invitations to take the survey one-by-one? Want to send email surveys to a mass audience at one go? Couldn’t find a way with your Google Forms account? That’s precisely what you can do with SurveySparrow.

With a built-in email platform, SurveySparrow lets you quickly import your customers’ email addresses, and you can easily reach out to your mass audience in one go. Furthermore, each email you send carries a different link, which helps you monitor and track the responses.

SurveySparrow lets you share surveys via emails to your mass audience in one go.

With Google Forms, you have to send email surveys to your target audience one by one

Unable to send reminder emails to the disengaged audience? Don’t want to risk the survey completion rate? Wishing there was a way you could automate reminder emails? Not finding this must-have solution on Google Forms?

With SurveySparrow, you can send automated emails to all non-responders so that you can increase the completion rates by about 40%. It also lets you trigger the reminders at the time you desire. For instance, if you want to send the reminder emails after 3 days of the initial invitation to take the surveys, you can simply preset the conditions and time and let the system take over the job of reminding.

You can send automated reminder emails to non-responders with SurveySparrow.

Google Forms doesn’t offer reminder emails.

Couldn’t figure out who responded to a particular question or track the channel of a given response? Wishing there was a way you could track responses and gain clearer insights? SurveySparrow can do it for you!

With SurveySparrow, the analysis is made precise and simple. You can leverage unique link sharing to receive different links whenever you share the same survey across channels. To be precise, the link you get when you share the survey now will be different from the one you get the next time. This helps you easily monitor and identify which response came from which channel.

SurveySparrow lets you create separate links to share the same survey with different audiences.

With just one link for each survey, you can’t track in-depth responses on Google Forms.

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