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Jan 5 · 5 min read

It’s january and winter will still be with us for awhile.

As the days are shorter and the sun sets earlier you will need to plan accordingly if heavy snow is a possibility where you are.

Here’s the scenario, you and the family are about to embark on your annual winter camping trip. However unfortunately SHTF and you find yourselves trapped in your vehicle whilst on the way due to a snow storm.

While waiting for rescue, you will need to eat and stay hydrated. Hot meals in the cold outdoors is incredibly important especially for children or the elderly and coming up with a plan can be a challenge.

Being in the UK myself we have seen more extreme weather in past years such as the dubbed “Beast From The East” storm.

We want to help you plan a family winter food survival kit so you are covered should this situation happen to you.

Disclosure — There may be one or two affiliate links for some items mentioned in this post that help support the blog at no extra cost to you.

So What to Pack?

Well, firstly what are you packing the items into?

Your bag will need to be big enough to hold the food itself and the equipment for the food. As this is for your partner and kids we recommend a reasonably sized survival kit bag.

You’ll want it to be waterproof and durable so that it doesn’t rip open too.

Now onto the equipment and to be honest you won’t need as many gadgets as you might think.

For this scenario we would only recommend having at least these three items.

Car Immersion Heater:

This would be ideal for heating water for tea, coffee, soup or a perhaps your babies bottle by using your vehicles lighter socket for power.

Not only in this scenario but this could easily come in handy on general trips, on a boat or perhaps a caravan.

You could use it to heat the snow into drinkable water if the situation calls for it which brings me onto my next item.

A Camping Pot:

This is just a metal container much like a coffee flask that you can heat up directly for example placing it on a fire to cook the contents inside or to hold the snow that your immersion heater will melt.

It is also ideal for those hot drinks, soups, or noodles and that will keep the kids warm until the snow storm dies down.

Vacuum Sealed bags:

These would be great for keeping your food nice and dry from sleet, rain, floods or melting snow.

It wouldn’t help at all if you were met with soggy packets of oatmeal when it came to dinner time.

There are hundreds of brands and places to pick these up but a popular one would be from the folks at food saver

Food Glorious Food!

When it comes to the food in your survival kit you can’t think of things like a loaf of bread or 10 apples as these things wouldn’t last long when stranded in a snowstorm much less fit in your survival kit bag.

You need to think smaller non-perishable items that last long and will hit the spot when you or your kids get hungry so I’ve picked a few survivalist foods below:

  • Hot chocolate sachet
  • Packets of dry soup
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Packets of oatmeal porridge
  • Dry Couscous (I personally love these)
  • Dry Fruit
  • Mixed nuts

As you can see I’ve also recommends items that you won’t necessarily need to cook such as dry fruits. These would all fit snugly in the food saver air tight bags and keep you all energized until help arrived or the storm gave out.

Now when it comes to staying hydrated…

Your not going to want to melt snow every time you want a coffee or to make soup and if like me you have an infant then bottled water will be far more cleaner then the whitest snow.

But your probably thinking well wouldn’t all that water just freeze and yes it could if you don’t store it properly within your vehicle.

A few tips would be to keep water in your glove department as it is closer to the heater.

You could also wrap your water beforehand in insulated blankets.

For a more in depth look at storing water I would recommend an article by awesome blogger TheSurvivalMom.


These our just three of our recommended items for your family winter survival kit.

Be sure to tweak it to contain multiple items depending on the size of your group and skip certain foods if you know your kids don’t like them.

I hope you never end up in the aforementioned situation but at least you’ll know in the back of your mind that you are prepared for the worst if the snow starts to falling.

Please leave a comment below if you have any foods or items you feel should be in the kit.

Till next time survivors!

Suvival Family

Welcome to Survival Family, we want to help families prepare for any distaster life may bring.

Survival Family

Written by

This is a blog built to help families survive any disaster life may throw at them.

Suvival Family

Welcome to Survival Family, we want to help families prepare for any distaster life may bring.

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