Surviving Covid-19
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Surviving Covid-19

We Hate You Now

The Hardest Problem of The Aftertimes


But we’re not fine, are we?

Ha, remember back when 400,000 was a lot of dead people?
HIV (the little dots, attacking a cell.)
The map of mutations showing 4011 genomes sampled between Dec 2019 and Feb 2021. Every mutation requires chains of transmission — people catching the virus, and passing it on.

At some point we’re all going to be back in the world together, but it’s never going to be the same.

Right now, I don’t have a clue how to begin to forgive the people who have driven the world to the edge. I can blame politicians a bit, which is always nice. They are abstract and easy to blame, but they don’t shed most of the virus. Plenty of countries, democratic, autocratic, eastern, western, big and small, opted out of the pandemic. They said no, their people said no, and they just didn’t have to live through the hell of the last year the same way my family and my community have lived through the US and European experience of Covid-19. Friends in New Zealand are almost apologetic when I talk to them. Vietnam, more populous than any country in Europe, has had 35 deaths from the virus at the time of this writing. They did amazing hand washing Tiktoks early, got together on the idea of prevention and masking, and just skipped the endless grind of living in an endless surge of misery and death.

Thanks to Ryan Singel, and thanks to my patreons for making my writing possible. (But don’t blame them if you’re angry, that’s all me)



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