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Industry 4.0- The future of making “Smart Industries”

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What comes to you mind when you think about the future?

Do you think the world would be same as it is now in 2018?

According to us the next big thing would be Industry 4.0 aka “Smart Industries”.

Isn't it great to have automation around you? Like automated coffee machine.

In the same manner why can’t we implement the same in our companies where the real magic happens. Magic of crafting products which make our like easier.

We are in a middle of a next industrial revolution. Over past years we have already implemented several changes and added lots of senses. Our present machines are already great but there is one thing they lack.

That’s intelligence.

Industry 4.0 will bring the same thing from paper to real life. We are now in a process to transform machines from “Just Machines” to “Smart Machines”.

Industry 4.0 includes:

· Autonomous Robots.

· Simulation.

· Software integration.

· Industrial IoT.

· Cloud.

· Cyber Security.

· Augmented Reality.

· Big Data and Analysis.

We already have few of them integrated in our systems, but they are not yet fully developed and needs to be connected to each other such like a machine works like an efficient worker.

Now you would ask “How does this helps us?”

So, imagine your company has a huge machine and it got some issues within. Opening and checking the whole machine can cost millions. Wouldn’t it would be great if the machine himself shows up the affected part on display? Think about the amount of time and money this can save.

Let’s take another example.

So, let’s say you were supposed to launch a car of the future but before you build it you want to see it. In the present world we can simple create a model for AR for us and others to experience it even before actual production.

When talking about implementation of these smart machines they got tons of goodies.

Presently the manufacturing industry makes more than 100billion dollars a year. Even a slightest of error while welding a job can cause a loss of millions as present machines are fast but not connected.

With industry 4.0 the machine themselves can understand the issue and stop the production hence not doing any quality errors. In these smart machines they have data of all physical things its in contact with which helps it have better efficiency.

Now some of the readers tell;

“It’s good for companies but what about us? What about our jobs?”

A simple answer to this is YES, some would surely loose jobs are machines will take up most physical tasks like maintaining warehouses or moving parts in factory. Machines can do them automatically. In an economy like India the number of jobs lost can be in millions.


There a positive side too. Think about the new jobs. These new machines would require lots of software programmers, data analysts, 3D modellers and maintenance staff. Also, the salary of these new jobs would be surely higher than the old ones.

Let’s calculate on actual data.

In Germany its estimated to lose 600,000 jobs due to automation. On the other hand, Germany is seeing 1,000,000 new jobs due to this same automation.

So, net there is 400K new jobs created due to this industrial revolution.

Though we are moving towards an era of smart machines, but machines still can’t do everything on their own. Interaction with humans would be still necessary of mutual success.

Now leaving this point, have you ever thought why we needed this industrial revolution?

If you see a chart of world economic growth there has been a substantial slow growth in past 50 years. Without growth we cannot expect the bright future. To bring growth in our economy we either need to put in more labour or more capital or more productivity. Past industrial revolutions have already proved that increasing productivity is the most efficient way to bring a spike of growth in our economic chart.

We are at a verge of huge change and this would come through conversion of our present factories into smart factories with help of automation and intelligence in machines.

In past we have tried various methods to increase our productivity, like setting up off-shore manufacturing unit to keep labour costs low but these costs are not constant and grow substantially.

We are still using the same way to operate companies as they were 50 years back, we have only changed the size and location.

All these have led to decrease in our productivity.

Src: Ipwatchdog

We failed to grow our manufacturing units because we kept technological advancements away from it.

At Surya Automation we wish to combine the existing manufacturing and technical innovation into the next big manufacturing reinvention.

This is the 4th industrial revolution and its happening right now.

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