Archery : What is the name of your bow ?

Surya Kulshreshtha
Jan 4 · 2 min read
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Well lately I started archery & was able to buy a bow & suitable arrows too. It’s a recurve bow. I wanted it for a while but did not have money to buy it in one go, so one day I was surprised to see one of my friend came up to me and bought it for me.

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I could not accept that as gift as it was expensive so I agreed upon having to pay 80 percent that I already saved & the remaining was paid by my friend who insisted on it being a gift.

So that way it was not my conscious & did not burn a hole in terms of the cost on my friend’s pocket & the intention of gifting was also not tampered.

I had been moved by the elements not just the equipment but the the effort on multiple scales and of different types that went into it.

Full body muscle control, breathing analysis for inhale and exhale finch, focus required and attention span balance and least of it the corrective eye sight as well.

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As on date I only have 4 arrows to practice with, that’s all I could afford over a year. But the amount of time I have to spare these are enough.

In a short span of 4 months I was able to hit my first 10 or bullseye. Since then to be honest 3 more followed in a total of a year til today.

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I have thought of many names for my bow. Creating this post to see if you have any story related to your archery or a name and why you kept it for your bow.

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