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Surya Kulshreshtha
Nov 14, 2017 · 3 min read
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To begin with, if i would have asked you, would you be interested in reading something that you already knew, i would probably have never got across to the threshold level of understanding and conveying what this post is essentially about.

Now, there can be many conclusions or things that come out but here is that one which made me write this…..

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We surely have a busy lifestyle, whether we are busy whiling away time or actually making sense by any means to life, society or system in which we dwell or surrounding systems which we influence.

Time pieces or watches are used by people & aficionados / horologists alike for obvious purposes. But amidst our mechanized lifestyle we forget simple basic things in life. Today i wore my watch, now its not an expensive one, but yes i would take the liberty to call it pricey, walking back home in evening i noticed my watch, it was usual it showed me correct time…. and i admired its look, visibility related to the memories associated with it just when it struck me to for a change and in quite a while pay attention to its details, how it acts like a chronograph shows days of week, date & month of year too. Normally we buy so many watches or maybe one but over the time in this age of cellphones be it iPhone or Android we forget how simply a watch served its original purpose rather than the additional grace and style that it adds to ones attire only bested by its functionalities.

So i have taken out time to share my moment of day merely not dedicated to the concept that time is clicking away………… or luxurious watches, simple watches look elegant but they serve a purpose & as time passes and we are drifting towards a more technically advanced era, be it a smart watch (I have that too) , or a watch with which you have some special memory associated with…. take out time to relish the features and functionalities it serves & value it.

This tiny observation not only allowed me to understand & once again appreciate the core fundamental functionality of my watch also made me ponder about what & how we are busy weaving a cloth of our life string by string in haste or ample time focusing on end product or the deadlines it is supposed to meet but somewhere probably ignoring how that string or cloth came into existence from a generic cloth piece being chiseled into an apparel of your desire only limited by your imagination & inputs you apply.

Small things matter in life. Bad thing is time flies, good thing is you are the pilot.

- Surya Kulshreshtha


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