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Our Investment in Assemble

By Courtney Buie Lipkin, Partner at Susa Ventures

Susa is excited to announce our investment in Assemble, a compensation management platform that helps companies plan equitable compensation programs to attract, motivate, and retain the highest caliber employees. Assemble co-founders Enrique Esclusa and Lisa Wallace come at this problem from authentic lived experience which clearly shows in their determination to build an industry-defining product. Early customer love proves they’ve struck a chord with hiring managers and leadership alike. In the last quarter Assemble blew past all targets, more than doubling their customer base, tripling ACVs, and quadrupling ARR. They’re just getting started.

Co-founders Lisa Wallace and Enrique Esclusa

Luckily for us, Lisa and Enrique have been part of the Susa family since their days at Expanse where they experienced hyper growth. We knew them to be thoughtful operators who cared about equity and sought to hire and develop the best talent in their organizations. Even with uniquely intentional approaches to compensation planning throughout their careers, both Lisa and Enrique felt they could do even better if they had visibility across entire organizations. When Susa learned they’d teamed up again to help all companies drive more consistent compensation decisions we jumped at the opportunity to back them.

Dashboard example, displaying hypothetical compensation bands for engineering roles.

Compensation planning is not a “nice to have.” We believe Assemble is a tool as crucial to companies as their CRM or payroll platform. As the competition for talent intensifies and our hybrid/remote world encourages new creativity in team building, it is more important than ever for companies to have clear and consistent compensation philosophies to ensure equitable outcomes.

We’re thrilled to start out on this new journey with Lisa and Enrique. The Susa family gets stronger every day and we’re so glad they’ve signed on for the next adventure with us.

Learn more at, or request a demo.



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