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Our Investment in Cascade

By Courtney Buie Lipkin, Partner at Susa Ventures

Today we are very excited to announce our investment in Cascade, a no-code data transformation and automation tool that enables non-technical operations teams to manage and execute workflows in the cloud. We’re thrilled to invest alongside First Round Capital and Redpoint Ventures as well as several incredible angels from the data and analytics world. Cascade co-founders Jake Fuentes and Jon Brelig are serial entrepreneurs who experienced the painful inefficiencies caused when too many workflows sit behind technical barriers. When Jake and Jon told us they were setting out to solve this problem we knew we had to be part of their story.

Co-founders Jake Fuentes and Jon Brelig

Across a myriad of businesses, analysts live in massive excel spreadsheets that are cumbersome to maintain and nearly impossible to navigate in collaborative settings. The divide between non-technical operations teams and technical data science resources within organizations leaves these workflows languishing in out-of-date silos even though they are core to the day to day of the business. At Susa, we think founders have an unfair advantage in a market where they have personally lived and breathed the problem. With Cascade, Jake and Jon built a drag-and-drop, browser-based canvas where teams can automate the cleaning and combination of large datasets that they themselves wanted in previous lives. Their understanding of the pain point is real and this shows in their obsession with every detail of Cascade’s product.

Jake and Jon are laser focused on optimizing analyst productivity through automation. Though Cascade is still pre-launch, we’re excited to see the early results of this focus come through in customer feedback and engagement. Most rewardingly, teams that were previously hamstrung by lack of engineering resources can now put data to work for their business.

Companies live and die by the quality of their data and the speed with which they can make informed decisions based on that data. Incredibly, in 2021, the vast majority of large scale data analysis relies on a string of tools that barely communicate with each other and ends with a static spreadsheet. We look forward to watching Cascade modernize analyst workflows and we could not be more excited to have Jake, Jon, and the entire Cascade team in the Susa family.



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