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3 min readJan 9, 2021

What is already in the roadmap from 2020 and being worked on :

Sushibar v2 following vote of Simp#1

- No lockup so we can integrate inside Aave-Maker

- Keep3r auto-serving of rewards

Wrapped-SLP to be used in various money market

(Earn while deploying your capital).

Hard to follow all of the channels — news with Sushiswap here, we will distill and concisely what you can anticipate from us.

AMM v2 + Deriswap

In addition to the current version of Deriswap, we would like to present

Mirin by Levx



  • Franchised Pools
  • Double Yield
  • K3PR dynamic Yield Rebalancing
  • Integrated 1-Click Zap
  • New LP Curve Options crowdsourced (not being locked to x * y = k)
  • wzdfchsqhwcbgwbuzsgwrsrsldcgifs by Andre, commonly known as #4


Building a BentoBox doesn’t take a day.

Soft-launch is slated for mid-January with a version including some functionalities of BentoBox Plus.

An excellent post describing the future from BoringCrypto: https://boringcrypto.medium.com/bentobox-to-launch-and-beyond-d2d5dc2350bd

We expect to be done with Formal Verification led by Certora (3–4 weeks) after the soft-launch and hope to secure audits led by Trails of Bits in addition to the current ones already done by Quantstamp & PeckShield.

Security is crucial to Sushi.

Domain + IPFS

  • Sushiswap will be moving to a new domain in 2021 to reflect better how we aren’t an AMM anymore moving forward but an OpenOrg part of the Yearn ecosystem.
  • Consolidation of all the different UIs under one.
  • Support IPFS


Based on the progress made by Aragon v2 x Snapshot

We are highly considering this model for our own governance.


Another option would be to follow the steps of Synthetix and opt for a Council of community members voted by the community.

We are aiming to finish this transition by Q4 2021.


Smart Contracts are almost done


The launchpad v1will bundle together :

Multiples feature which is widely known are going to be available out-of-the-box :

  • Freeze of SLP with vesting for teams
  • Liquidity Mining
  • ICBO
  • Farms
  • Auctions
  • Crowdsales

Chef Gonpachi audits are slated for Q2 2021 and will update early February with the latest development & UI.


  • Cross-chain AMM enabled by (Rune/Moonbeam)
  • Polkadot/Moonbeam should have a live testing version of Sushiswap Q2 on Kusama
  • MEV integration via ArcherDAO
  • (SLP pools should aim to be last in a block when deployed to prevent sniping by bots)
  • Incentivize teams, wallets, dApps & protocols to build with Sushiswap via an emission enabled pool of 0.1x
  • (More information for teams willing to apply available at the end of January)
  • Provide technical support for projects natively integrating Sushiswap

A current list of projects secured for Q1 2021 :

FRAX (https://frax.finance)

DSD (https://dsd.finance)

BAO (https://www.bao.finance)

More will be joining our establishment soon.

Layer 2

In the current landscape with January 15 release of a preliminary mainnet by Optimism. Many people wonder what the Sushi perspective is, and it is important to consider more than just the AMM part of this question.

We will move in sync with the greater Yearn ecosystem. Zk-rollups are currently the option privileged since composability is key. Matter labs have been quite supportive, and we are keeping up with the latest development of Zinc.

Ultimately this decision will lay in the hands of our CTO — core devs and Yearn ecosystem participants.


Bridging communities together was one of the objectives behind our Onsen program, aside from providing yield.

We want to keep support mid-tier and lower cap token communities to grow on Sushiswap and introduce their project to a vibrant Samuraï community.

They were still spots left open for the Onsen & very proud to announce they will all be filled next weeks! (Keep an eye on our socials)

Something missing?

We want to propose something unusual instead of being the only contributors to propose a direction. We want to ask the community to join us on the forum and tell us what they want to see next for everything related to Sushi. No matter how creative, crazy, eccentric your idea is for the future of decentralized exchange, money market, IDO, or really something you think should be included here, we want you to share it with us.

The core devs will pick the technically feasible ideas and provide a deadline on when you can expect them to be live.

Click here to propose your vision of 2021: Everyone can be a chef.

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