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🍣 Free Limit Order Swaps

Buy and sell tokens at any price, without having to constantly monitor the market! Try out Sushi’s Limit Order feature on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche & Fantom!

Sushi’s Limit Orders are deployed on multiple chains:


DEXs need gas-free limit orders

All DEXs give users the option to directly swap tokens at the current market rate. Only a few DEXs support limit orders, which allow you to set trades and automatically execute them whenever the market reaches a given price.

And those that do support limit orders usually cost a high amount of gas to approve and execute and come with a high opportunity cost, parking your tokens in a simple contract instead of a yield-bearing pool. These shortcoming have made it hard to compete with centralized alternatives.

But not any longer! Sushi Sushi Limit orders solve all of these problems.

Introducing gas-less limit orders

Sushi limit orders allow you to place free trades for any rate of a given token pair, while earning yield on funds deposited in BentoBox.

And getting started is easy: Just fill up your Bento, set your token allowance once, and set as many orders as you want:

Limitless Limit Orders

As the first DEX ever, Sushi allows you to set any number of limit orders of any amount. This way, you can create orders that exceed your current balance in BentoBox.

This allows you for example to set a chain of orders, which increase your volume after each successful trade that increased your balance.


E.g. You might set a strategy to buy $1m ETH at 2500 and sell $1m ETH at 2600 while only holding 100k USDC in your BentoBox. If the price is bouncing across that range the orders will keep getting partially filled, using whatever funds are available in your BentoBox.

Another example:

You can execute a conditional limit order. You basically put two orders. Assume the price of Sushi right now is $7. First limit order buys SUSHI from USDC at $8. Simultaneously, you can post another limit order to sell this SUSHI at $10, even though your previous order has not execute yet but has a chance of executing in future.

You can also use the same capital to put out multiple limit orders, for example using the same 100 USDC you can put order to buy SUSHI, ETH, WBTC, etc. Whichever can be filled first would be filled. However, the other orders are still valid and can be executed if more USDC deposited on BentoBox.

Tl;dr Where to find it?

  • On select the “limit” tab
  • Approve the limit order contract to pull your bentobox funds. “Approve BentoBox” (on-chain tx, one time)
  • Deposit funds to BentoBox if they aren’t there yet
  • Pick assets, input amount, price
  • Sign the order (free)
  • Success
  • View current and past orders on

Try it now at

How to Place a Limit Order

To access the limit order feature, follow this link and the subsequent prompts to connect your wallet to the Sushi DApp. Once you have done this, you will see a selection menu for tokens to sell, and tokens to buy, and the desired conversion or limit price.

In the image below, the user has selected the MATIC/SUSHI pair, and he has selected the current market price as the conversion rate of the limit order.

You will also notice that the user has the ability to move funds from their Metamask to their BentoBox wallet, using the toggle button in the top right. Limit Order v2 is built on top of the BentoBox, so if your wallet is interacting with this interface for the first time, you will need to approve the limit order function and deposit tokens into the BentoBox to use, as below.

After you have deposited tokens into the BentoBox, you can place your limit order.

When you click ‘Confirm Deposit,’ you will be prompted with a pop up message, asking you to confirm the limit order. After you confirm on the pop up, you will be asked to sign the transaction on your crypto wallet.

If you then click ‘My Orders’ in the upper right hand of the swapper box, you will see your open orders. Once the price is in the desired range, limit orders on SushiSwap may take 3–5 minutes to execute. Once the order has executed, you will see your order in your order history.

Enjoy trading and always DYOR!

Sushi is building a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem with AMM, leverage & margin trading platform, token launchpad and NFT artist platform. Follow our socials to keep up with our product launches and find out more on how you can make the most of your cryptocurrency assets with Sushi’s secure and powerful DeFi tools!

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