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Inside the Chef’s Jacket with LevX-San: All Chopsticks, No Forks

You’re a bit more behind the scenes these days, so before we get to the usual first question, what were you doing before Sushi?

What do you do for Sushi?

And how did you get the moniker LevX? What’s the meaning?

How did you first get involved with Sushi?

The timing was so perfect. So I built the Lite UI, which, at first, sadly, no one cared about.

What do you think made Lite stand out?

Did Lite hit any milestones for you?

There was a time when you were 1 of 4 full time Sushi employees. Can you describe that time and the difference in the Sushi of today?

With LITE as a well-oiled machine, what’s next for you in the Sushiverse?

Most people would think that whether or not an exchange is centralized or decentralized, they are, at their core, both exchanges and, therefore, are in competition. I believe that there is more opportunity for growth for Sushi by collaborating with centralized exchanges, rather than pitting ourselves against them.

Can you reveal a bit more about Shoyu? Just a little teaser of your progress after your initial proposal?

To be a part of the Sushi team or just be involved in DeFi in general, what kind of traits do you think someone needs?

What is something no one would expect about working at Sushi?

Even with your busy work weeks, you must still have some hobbies, so tell us: What do you like to do outside of Sushi?

Makes sense why your proposal was called Mirin then :) Last, but not least, what’s your favourite sushi?

マグロ (Maguro) — Japanese for Bluefin tuna

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& Check out LevX’s Lite UI here:

For more information about Sushi, please visit:



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