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It’s Here: MISO v2 — a Permissionless Multi-chain Launchpad

“We have officially launched the new MISO v2 — a fully permissionless multichain token launchpad.“

It’s here.
The new MISO makes it easy for anyone to launch a new token to their communities by completely opening up the token auction process. This improved UX will allow new groups of creators to enter web3, without the need for advanced technical knowledge!

MISO v2 Unlocked On All Major Chains

We’ve deployed MISO v2 on all major blockchains!
MISO has been live on BSC, Fantom, Matic, Harmony, Moonbeam and since this week we’ve also released it on Avalanche, Arbitrum, Polygon and Ethereum Mainnet.

Having MISO on these chains will pave the way for many new projects to commence and communities to grow — integrating Sushi into a growing ecosystem of successful DApps and protocols.

Follow these links to get an overview of all auctions on all the networks, or head over to and switch your wallet to your chain of choice:

💡 We’ve just kicked off MISO v2’s Ethereum Mainnet release with the first Dutch auction from our friends over at @sushimi_NFT!

📖 Read more about the auction here.
💻 You can find the auction here at MISO on ETH Mainnet.

Upgrading MISO From v1 to v2

In the past, successful launchpads have largely been permissioned by their teams, introducing unnecessary friction and slowing down the auction process. Especially for teams that are ready to launch, the auction is a critical and delicate point in the journey of building a new product, scaling the team and community.

This is why we released a new version of our MISO launchpad, which will ease the burden of launching and open up the listing process for any creators to list and launch their web3 community.

MISO allows anyone to launch their tokens into multiple ecosystems. It is built with Sushi’s set of gas-efficient smart contracts, saving users a great amount of ETH.

To start, visit and choose your favorite token type and auction format. Read on to learn more about the differences.

A Look Into The MISO Kitchen

MISO is a suite of open-source smart contracts created to ease the process of launching a new project on the SushiSwap exchange. MISO aims to drive new capital and trade to the exchange by increasing the attractiveness of SushiSwap as a place for token creators and communities to launch new project tokens. We aim to create a launchpad for both technical and non-technical project founders, that will allow communities and projects access to all the options they need for a secure and successful deployment to the SushiSwap exchange.

MISO will serve as the SushiSwap community's personal launchpad for projects to launch on, enabling projects and communities to know that all aspects of a launch are handled through trusted, open source contracts.

Auction types

Dutch Auction

Dutch auctions are “inverted” auctions. The price point per token is set high and descends as the auction goes on in the event that no one is buying in. This rate of price adjustment is set by the auctioneer. The final price per token is set when all tokens have been allocated. Participants are committing to receive a minimum total value rather than bidding for the tokens themselves — because of this it is common to end up with more tokens than what was initially bid for.

Example: An auction starts at $100 per token. It is set to depreciate in value every hour a token is not bought from it. It will lower itself to the price point of $90 per token. Every purchase resets the hour long timer until token price depreciates again. No tokens are bought for an hour — again the price of the token drops, this time to $80. Another hour passes, now it is valued at $70. This cycle would continue until all the tokens are purchased or they become valued at $0.

Strategy: Investors have to carefully balance between waiting for a better price and getting in before it is all sold out. It is the the fear of missing out that prevents the price to fall too much.

Batch Auction

Batch auctions are based around a single pool of tokens that is split amongst all auction participants. At the end of the auction the token price is determined by the total amount raised from all participants. Everybody participating gets a share of the tokens equal to their share of the contribution pool. Batch Auctions will be useful for projects looking to ensure that everyone taking part is rewarded, no matter their net worth.

Strategy: This auction style is best suited for big or so called “whale” investors, because in opposite to the previous two, there is no way to outplay someone here. Everybody gets in and the more you invest the more you get.


Crowd sales are the simplest auctions, featuring a fixed price and a fixed set of tokens. Crowdsales are great when the token price is already known or has been decided on previously. They allow a token to be distributed and provide a strong base for a tokens future listing on the SushiSwap exchange. MISO crowdsales allow any project to create an auction and go on to be exchanged in the open Sushi market.

Strategy: Basically it is a FCFS (first come first serve) system, where investor wants to buy as quick as possible before others scoop up all the tokens available. This also involves some risks as creating a gas war or bot frontrunning.

Token types


A “standard” ERC20 token with a fixed supply and protections against further token minting or burning.


An ERC20 token with a function allowing further minting at a later date. Creators will have to assign an owner for the minting controls.


Sushi tokens function similar to mintable tokens but with additional capabilities built into the token. Creators will have to assign an owner address for token functions during minting.

Bring your own token

Provide your own token to the Miso auction contracts.

To read more about deploying on MISO read our documentation.

Visit the new Miso now at Always use caution and do your own due diligence!

If you have any questions please hop into the Sushi Discord so one of our Samurais can assist you: click to join Discord.

Sushi is building a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem with AMM, leverage & margin trading platform, token launchpad and NFT artist platform. Follow our socials to keep up with our product launches and find out more on how you can make the most of your cryptocurrency assets with Sushi’s secure and powerful DeFi tools!

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