Kashi: UI & features update

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4 min readMar 21, 2022


We’ve just revamped our Kashi lending & borrowing user interface!

Before we dive into the before and afters, we’ll first start with intro on what Kashi actually is about:

What is Kashi?

Kashi is a lending and margin trading platform, built on BentoBox, that allows for anyone to create customized and gas-efficient markets for lending, borrowing, and collateralizing a variety of DeFi tokens, stable coins, and synthetic assets. Kashi’s broad diversity of tokens is supported through the use of a unique isolated market framework. Unlike traditional DeFi money markets where high-risk assets can introduce risk to the entire protocol, in Kashi, each market is entirely separate (similar to the Sushiswap DEX), meaning the risk of assets within one lending market has no effect over the risk of another lending market.

Traditional lending projects have permitted users to add liquidity into a pool-based system. In these systems, if one of the assets were to drop in price faster than liquidators could react, every user and every asset would be negatively impacted. In this sense, the total risk of pool-based platforms determined largely by the riskiest asset listed on the platform. This risk increases with every extra asset that is added, leading to a very limited choice in assets on most platforms. Kashi’s unique design enables a new kind of lending and borrowing. The ability to isolate risks into individual lending markets means that Kashi can permit users to add any token.

In addition, isolating the risks of the different lending markets enables users to achieve leverage in one click, without ever leaving the platform. In the past, users seeking leverage on an asset through direct lending and borrowing would have had to borrow on one platform in order to lend on another, and repeat. Because Kashi separates markets into pairs, lending and borrowing into the same market are composable, which means that Kashi can automate leverage in a single click.

Let’s dive into the updates & additional features!

Token pair overview pages

Below you’ll see a before and after view of Kashi’s lending and borrow token overview pages.

Previous lending overview page
Previous borrow overview page

These pages have now been merged into a single and a more intuitive token overview page.

Additionally, on top of the page, 3 new buttons have been added: ‘My Lending’, ‘My Borrowing’ (brings you directly to your personal borrow and lending overview pages) and a ‘Create Market’ button.

Borrow Interface

The borrow interface has also been updated with a more sleek and minimalistic look. In the new interface you’re able to find both ‘Borrow’ & ‘Lend’ (now called ‘Deposit’) within one module. Furthermore, a new “Liquidation Price” indicator has also been added for convenience to the new borrow module.

Previous borrow interface
New borrow interface

Furthermore, a leverage position slider has been added for a more convenient UI experience and additional flexibility to choose your preferred leverage position.

N.B. Borrowing can leverage a users position because it enables the user to take a short position against their assets, which allows them to earn from downside movements. Users are able to borrow assets by adding collateral for these assets, gaining exposure to tokens without reducing their assets. E.g. with Kashi you’ll be able to: deposit DAI -> borrow WETH -> sell WETH for DAI -> deposit DAI -> borrow more WETH all in 1 transaction.

Leverage position slider

Lend interface

The lending interface has seen the same upgrade as well.

Lending can be used by a user to earn additional interest on their assets. These assets are deposited in isolated markets and earn interest from borrowers.

Previous lending interface
New lending interface

Create Market interface

Last, the create market page has also received a glow up with the same sleek and minimalistic view as the previous interfaces.

Special thanks to @chillichelli for his contributions in revamping Kashi!

If you have any questions please hop into the Sushi Discord so one of our Samurais can assist you: click to join Discord.

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