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Onsen: Steamy Round 2 Mid-Update ♨

Our onsen must be outdoors, cause it’s raining $SUSHI ☂

In case you’re new to the Sushi community, Onsen is our special “menu” of cryptocurrency yield farming pairs. On the Sushi platform, we offer yield farming rewards in SUSHI tokens for liquidity providers who decide to “farm” their liquidity. Basically, it’s a great way to earn some yield on those idle tokens you’ve been hodling. We offer both Onsen and permanent farms.

Permanent farms are for those OG tokens who have proven that they’re not going anywhere. Onsen token pairs are special guests to our yield farming platform, who earn extra SUSHI token rewards via special allocation points. These allocation points are what make Onsen different from our permanent farms.

Our Onsen pairs are added and updated based on token performance factors such as volume, liquidity and project promise. The number of allocation points are also given based on a vetting process, with factors such as market cap, taken into careful consideration. We are proud to say that our vetting process is strong, as not one Onsen pair has yet to become a “rug pull” or “scam” token. We strongly value the relationships we build with our project partners and believe this has been the key to Onsen’s success.

Over the past few days, a little something happened to our exchange homepage. Spot the difference?

Yes, that’s right! Our available Onsen pairs have been updated 🥳 Here is the breakdown of what’s new in Sushi yield farming bonus pairs, in no particular order. AP = Allocation Points or allocPoints, which, again, means and added bonus of SUSHI rewards is given to this pair, the essence of the Onsen Program.

SportX: SX-WETH — 5 AP
Yield App: WETH-YLD — 5 AP
DFX Finance: DFX-WETH — 5 AP
Ocean Protocol: OCEAN-WETH — 5 AP
Wootrade: WOO-USDC — 5 AP
Ontology: pONT-pWING — 5 AP
Benchmark Protocol: MARK-WETH — 1 AP
Mask Network: MASK-USDC — 20 AP
Inverse Finance: INV-WETH — 50 AP
Polymath Network: WBTC-POLY — 5 AP
Elastic DAO: EGT-WETH — 5 AP
Horizen: stZEN-stETH — 5 AP
Keeper DAO: WETH-ROOK — 20 AP
Must: MUST-WETH — 5 AP
district0x: DNT-WETH — 5 AP
Olympus: OHM-DAI — 5 AP
PoolTogether: POOL-ETH — 5 AP
BzX Protocol: BZRX-ETH — 5 AP

Permanent Pool Update

Harvest Finance (FARM-WETH) added to the “Chef’s Menu” with 20 AP.
Amp Token (WETH-AMP) added to the “Chef’s Menu” with 5 AP.
Rarible (WETH-RARI) added to the “Chef’s Menu” with 20 AP.
xDAI Stake (STAKE-WETH) added to the “Chef’s Menu” with 5 AP.

We want to warmly welcome all of our new Onsen token pairs and hope you guys enjoy farming up all that SUSHI.

Have a good soak in the Onsen!




As a community-driven, decentralized exchange, there are less hoops to execute your crypto trades and all platform transaction fees are redirected to the users who provided liquidity to the ecosystem, just as it should be!

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