Sake: Burn to mint & drink

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3 min readMar 27, 2022


If you haven’t already, don’t forget to burn your $Sak3 for a SAKΞ NFT to redeem your bottle of Sake. In case you missed the previous update we’ve highlighted the next steps for all $Sak3 token holders below.

For the early burners

The ‘allow list’ to mint an ESSENCE for FVCK_AVATAR has been released and can be found here.

Note: FVCK_AVATARS// will be launched in 4 phases

Phase 1 — Free Claim : March 23rd, 5pm EDT Phase 2 — Discounted Mint : March 25th, 5pm EDT Phase 3 — Public Sale : March 27th, 5pm EDT Phase 4 — Redemption : April 6th, 5pm EDT

For more information please refer to the links below: &

For the late burners

The incredible Vancouver artists FVCKRENDER & BAEGE collaborated on a SAKΞ reintroduction NFT. The animated visual celebrates a surreal metaverse where Sake becomes a meta physical object floating in a Japanese inspired pavilion. This NFT features iconic imagery from both artists with an iconic bottle designed by BIG Architects.

View on Opensea

To receive a bottle of SAKΞ, you must own and burn at least 1 of 888 $SAK3 tokens for a SAKΞ NFT (e.g. 1.0 SAK3 can be redeemed for a SAKΞ NFT; 0.77 SAK3 cannot). Physical redemption is scheduled for May 2022, your SAKΞ is bottled by hand and shipped fresh almost anywhere in the world courtesy of Sake Samurai Elliot Faber.

Why do I have to burn my $SAK3 for a SAKΞ NFT?

  • SAKΞ NFT will also be utilised to redeem the physical bottle of sake.
  • SAKΞ NFT will be utilised for governance in the SAKΞ DAO.


  1. Own 1 $SAK3 or buy $SAK3 on Sushiswap
  2. Then go to
  • Make sure you have the $SAK3 in your wallet and click on ‘Connect Wallet’.
  • Then a button will appear with ‘Redeem’, click this to burn your $SAK3 for a SAKΞ NFT.

Next steps:

  1. Redeem your physical SAKΞ bottle Expected sake redemption to happen end of May 2022 — more info will follow #soon.
  2. SAKΞ will live on in a DAO SAKΞ DAO is launching Q2 2022 — more info will follow #soon.

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