How AI Powers the Artistic Vision at Susinsight

Explaining how artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved into an indispensable ally in my creative journey with Susinsight.

Tomi Abe
5 min readJan 3, 2024


Illustration done with Midjourney and Chat GPT for Susinsight

Embarking on a mission to shed light on the intricate field of sustainability in Africa, Susinsight stands as a platform committed to bringing forth comprehensive insights. As the co-publisher, my responsibilities extend to spearheading the editorial function, shaping the visual identity, managing web operations, and contributing to its strategic direction. This inside story aims to unveil the clandestine operations behind the scenes, explaining how artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved into an indispensable ally in my creative journey with Susinsight.

Understanding AI in Design

The revolutionary transformation brought about by artificial intelligence (AI) in the design field is undeniable. AI employs intelligent algorithms and machine learning to perform tasks traditionally requiring human intelligence. In the realm of design, AI emerges as a powerful tool that not only supports but also enhances the creative process by introducing novel possibilities and automating tedious tasks. This infusion of AI allows designers to channel their focus toward ideation and innovation while the technology takes care of the more routine aspects.

Photo by Igor Omilaev on Unsplash

One of the notable advantages of integrating AI into design is the creation of AI-generated images. These images, cultivated through training AI algorithms on extensive datasets, mirror human creativity closely. Offering efficiency, consistency, and versatility, AI-generated images become a means to effectively convey messages while upholding a cohesive visual identity.

The digital era has witnessed AI become the driving force behind a transformative paradigm shift in the design landscape. It has transcended its role as a mere tool, evolving into an essential partner that elevates the creative process to unprecedented heights.

The Creative Workflow with AI

At a basic level, this is what my workflow entails:

Step 1: Analyzing the Article

Commencing a creative workflow involves meticulous analysis of research findings and comprehending key concepts and ideas presented in the article.

Article on Sustainable Mobility Transition in Nigeria

Step 2: Determining Artistic Style

Post-analysis, defining the artistic style that resonates with the content becomes crucial. For our workflow, a retro-style aesthetic has been chosen to engage our audience visually.

Some retro-style concepts found on Google
Retro-style illustration I created featuring some African elements

Step 3: Defining Major Colors

Maintaining consistency with Susinsight’s brand identity involves selecting major colors for the artwork. In this case, the major brand colors #3A8B72 (dark cyan), #91C3B3 (powder blue), and #F8FFE2 (light yellow) are incorporated into the background image or illustration.

Brand colors

Step 4: Generating AI Art Prompt

The AI art prompt is generated using chat GPT or Notion AI. For this workflow, the prompt revolves around a retro-style background image or illustration for an article about sustainable mobility transition in Nigeria, featuring electric-powered vehicles, using hex colors #3A8B72 and #91C3B3.

a vibrant retro-style illustration capturing Nigeria’s sustainable mobility shift. Depict the bustling streets adorned with electric-powered vehicles in the hues of #3A8B72 and #91C3B3. Frame the scene with lush greenery and cultural landmarks, symbolizing a harmonious transition to eco-friendly transportation. Emphasize the electric vehicles’ impact, blending nostalgia with progress.

Note: In its simplest form, this is a broad AI art prompt. To craft a more conceptual illustration, it’s necessary to provide more detail about the desired theme, concept, or message of the image. For a more tailored consultation on this topic, feel free to contact me.

Step 5: Generating Images using Midjourney

Utilizing Midjourney, an AI-powered image generation tool, the AI art prompt is implemented to create the desired retro-style background image or illustration. The iterative process continues until the co-publisher and I are satisfied with the result.

The first result, using Midjourney
The second result, using Midjourney

This integration ensures that AI-generated images align with the intended message of the article while maintaining a delicate balance between human creativity and AI-generated precision. Continuous updates and training of AI models on relevant datasets guarantee the production of high-quality and relevant visuals.

Showcasing AI-Generated Images

Over the past year, Susinsight has curated a diverse collection of AI-generated images, exemplifying the capabilities of this technology. These images, unified by a consistent retro-style aesthetic and conceptual illustrations, underscore the impact and effectiveness of conveying complex ideas to our audience.

For instance, AI-generated visuals depicting the interconnectedness of sustainable practices, the impact of climate change, and potential solutions for a more sustainable future have not only captured attention but also provided accessible and understandable representations of the discussed concepts.

Collection of AI-generated visuals produced for Susinsight in 2023

Sharing the Power of AI

The integration of AI into our creative process has significantly transformed and enhanced our workflow. Streamlining the design process and saving time and resources, AI has allowed us to explore new creative possibilities and experiment with various visual techniques.

The decision to embrace AI was driven by its immense potential for the future. It augments human creativity, enabling us to push boundaries and innovate in unprecedented ways. It is crucial to recognize that AI is a tool that complements human creativity rather than replacing it entirely, unlocking its full potential through the synergy between human designers and AI algorithms.

Even in the design industry, AI’s implications are far-reaching. It opens doors to more efficient and effective design processes, democratizing design and making it accessible to individuals and organizations with limited resources.

In conclusion, the transformative integration of AI into's creative workflow has amplified the impact and effectiveness of our content. By harnessing the power of AI-generated images, we maintain a consistent visual identity while enhancing our storytelling. AI is not a substitute for human creativity but a tool that amplifies capabilities and opens new horizons.

Edited by Adetoro Adetayo — Co-Publisher, Susinsight.