Sustainability Calendar — What’s Happening in July 2021?

Helping you to plan climate and sustainability action in July

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Welcome to my monthly overview of the Sustainability Calendar. The full year-long calendar is here. Scroll down for the full list of events in June.


July is, of course, Plastic Free July, an international awareness campaign to highlight the dangers of single-use plastics and to help people find alternatives. I’ve written plenty before about how I have reduced my own use of single-use plastics, particularly focussing on food and groceries and toiletries and cleaning products.

This year, I’m planning to take my actions wider, and focus more on the activism aspects: how can we lobby governments and businesses to make changes upstream? How can we encourage others along a plastic-free journey? How, and where, can we learn about responsible resource usage? Look forward to a blog on this soon.

In the meantime for tips on how to reduce your single-use plastic, sign-up for information at the official website, follow their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn), or follow the hashtags #PlasticFreeJuly and #PlasticFreeJuly2021

Elsewhere, there is a marine theme to the month, which sits nicely with the aims of Plastic Free July to lessen the impacts of plastics on our marine environments. The month starts with Clean Beaches Week in the US, and ends with National Marine Week in the UK.

Finally, we have days for Sharks, Chimps and Orcas (all 14 July) and Snakes (16 July).

Everything happening in July 2021

All month: Plastic Free July (international)
> Official site

Thursday, 1 to Wednesday, 7 July: Clean Beaches Week in the US
> Official site

Saturday, 3 July: International Plastic Bag Free Day

Saturday, 10 July: National Don’t Step on a Bee Day in the UK

Sunday, 11 July: World Population Day
> Official site

Wednesday, 14 July:

Friday, 16 July: World Snake Day

Friday, 23 July to Sunday, 1 August: Love Parks Week in the UK
> Official site

Saturday, 24 July to Sunday, 8 August: National Marine Week in the UK
> Official site

Wednesday, 28 July: World Nature Conservation Day

29 July: International Tiger Day
> Official site

The full 12-month calendar is here. I need your help to make this the best resource it can be. If you know of an event that’s missing, let me know either in the comments or on social media.

Previous monthly write-ups:



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Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones


Maritime Sustainability Specialist. Editor of Rethink Convenience and author of the Live Circular newsletter