Give me an Eco-, Give me a -Feminism, Bring it together and what does it spell? ECOFEMINISM!!!

Hello everyone, I am pretty sure a lot of you have not put a lot of thought into the term Ecofeminism, and that’s okay. If you have then thats great. For those who do not think of the word then I’m sure you do not understand the word above as well and again thats okay because that is why I am here. To fully understand you must first know the two words by themselves (Ecology and Feminism).


The internets thought on Ecology is “the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.” In my own words I would consider ecology to be a preservation of living organisms.

Googles definition of Feminism is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” I would add that WOMEN CAN DO WHAT MEN CAN DO. A lot of people get the wrong idea of what this word means, and I myself was one of these people that thought feminism meant something completely different. I used to think that feminism was women thinking they were better than everyone else, and that they were really “girly”. I thought this because that is what the word reminded me of. I realized that I was not the only person that had this idea in my head. Back in high school my teacher made the class do a full class discussion on feminism. She made us say what the word meant to us and then if we ourselves were feminist. At first I said I was not feminist because I had the wrong impression of the word. My teacher then asked a guy if he was feminist and he said no because he had the same idea I had about the meaning. I told this story because I know that we were not the only two people misinformed about feminism. More people need to to get educated on the word before they jump to conclusion and say the are not feminist themselves.

This is a perfect picture that explains the thought of feminism and the true fact of feminism

A week or so ago my professor asked the class a question from a reading. Would women be fully human if they were separated from nature? After this question was asked I started to think about it and it brought up a huge argument in my head. At first it made me think about how the question made it seem like women are not naturally human without nature, and then second that I would have to say that women and nature will always be connected because they have always been seen as one from society. For instance society considers nature as “mother nature” and “her”. Nature is something that is suppose to be protected and nurtured. Not only does nature have to be protected and nurtured, everyone looks at women like they are weak and fragile. On this website, there is an article about six myths that mainly go over how women are sexually assaulted. I would relate this back to nature as well because nature is slowly being raped or assaulted of its land, the only difference is it not a myth like the link above shows.

Now that you understand ecology and feminism separately, it is time to understand it all as a whole. Ecofeminism is “a philosophical and political movement that applies feminist ideas to ecological concerns.” There is a reading by Aneel Salman, Ecofeminist Movements — from the North to the South. He begins with an introduction of ecofeminism from his own view. He says “cultural and social concerns dealing with the relationship that the oppression of women has with the degradation of nature.” Going back to the question my professor had asked the class, this quote goes well with my answer to the question because I feel like there is a lot of issues with the land around us for many reasons. This issue seems to be put hand in hand with issues with women being victimized.

Okay now back to the reading the most interesting part of the reading was the third subtitle that was titled ECOLOGY AND FEMINISM: COMMON LANGUAGE. This whole article was about ecology and feminism as a one in itself and I think Aneel Salman did a great job to put these two topics in a summary of parts.

I know during all this reading it must has seemed like I was being very opinionated but even I was misinformed with ecology and feminism so in the end I did not really understand ecofeminism. Learning about it was really interesting and I think more people need to be informed on the term. I know I explained the terms above and I hope in the end it will help anyone who reads this article, understand that being feminist or an ecologist is not considered a bad thing. Being informed with ecofeminism could help workers be more equal and help the environment grow back to its original growth.

Feminism and Ecology side by side
Which equals out to be Ecofeminism