Hurting Mother, Hurting Mom

Women and nature coincide

She’s beautiful, you watch her work everyday. She makes your food and wakes you in the morning. She’s your mom.

She’s amazing, and sometimes hard to figure out. She planted the pretty tree outside your window where you sometimes catch birds feeding their hatchlings. She’s Mother Nature.

They’re synonymous-mothers and nature. They are both here for nurturing, growth, and shelter. They both should be treated with the utmost respect. Why then, are they both struggling to be treated more kindly? “In Andean indigenist discourse, this mythical ancestral culture was based on the complementarity of male and female roles. Its basis was the alleged equality between men and women, linked to the essential role that each played in production and reproduction. Each gender had authority derived from these complementary roles, and each participated in decision making. According to this line of thinking, it was colonialism or capitalism or both that were responsible for introducing gender inequality…”. This is an argument stating that men and women used to work in a way that complimented each other. Their work was not complete without one another and in their eyes, this is the same as gender equality. At some point, when colonialism and capitalism were introduced, these people were being forced by their European intruders to believe that men were superior to women. Although this division of labor still may not be the ideal in today’s views, they are making the point that they, at least, appreciated the work that was done by the women. That appreciation for women should exist today at that same level, and not just in fields that compliment what men do.

Women usually tend to be the automatic caretakers of our children because of the fact that they give birth to them and must nurse them, should they choose to do so. Their natural role as caretakers of children give them a close tie to nature. This insight into nature occurs because women in rural areas bathe and feed their children using local water, this usually means they are using natural sources of water like rivers. Women in rural areas feed their children food directly from the land. They can witness directly when their food quality has changed and they can see when their water has changed. Nature is described like a mother in the way that both are nurturing. Nature provides food, water, and shelter in the same way that mothers do. Businesses tend to be controlled mainly by men and is usually seen as a more masculine force. Masculine forces like to be in control; they like to claim land as property, and they like to claim women as property.

Sterilization Abuse as a Way to Control

The food nature gives us is supposed to be able to sustain us, the water she makes available to us is supposed to clean us and be good enough to drink. Businesses abuse her resources by privatizing them and making it impossible for seeds to be replanted. Privatizing water takes it away from the people who live off the land. The creation of ownership over bodies of water is like stealing the gift that nature was trying to give to humans, then selling it to humans instead. Suicide seeds are another way to exploit nature. These seeds make it so that farmers must continue purchasing seeds each season because the seeds in the fruit are sterile. Purchasing seeds becomes a necessity for farmers to continue making their living and continue growing. The problem with suicide seeds is that fruits and plants are supposed to naturally be able to regrow. By using these seeds at such a large rate makes our planet dependent on human hands. This is like reversing the role of humans being dependent on the land and making the land dependent on us. This is not how it is supposed to be. Humans are recreating the natural way that nature works in order to make a profit by treating nature like prostitution.

Businesses don’t only perform sterilization abuse on Mother Nature, but they do this to women too. Minority women, especially those in lower classes, sometimes work in abusive factories. There are places that pregnancy tests are performed on women as a way to avoid paying someone for maternity leave. There are places that give birth control to women everyday as they clock into work. There are also places where women are so scared to lose their job, they are willing to receive illegal abortions. In the same way that businesses are trying to control how seeds grow, they are denying women the decision of motherhood in order to keep their cheap labor. They don’t want to deal with providing child care facilities and would sooner fire a woman from a job she desperately needs than lose some of the efficiency of their sweat shop. The United States prides itself on being a country of freedom. With that freedom should come the decision of whether or not women would someday like to be mothers. In the 70’s, 100,000–150,000 poor women were all sterilized-all under federally funded programs and the practice continues.

Women and nature are both beautiful parts of our world. For some reason, both are abused despite the fact that they both are supporters of life. I find both to be amazing in similar ways, while others see them as organisms to be mutilated. Both are being taken advantage of at the hands of businesses who want to make a profit and people who feel they need to dominate the two. Women and nature should remain being compared, but not for these terrible reasons. They should continue being seen as life sources, as powerful, and as beautiful. They deserve to feel empowered and not like they need to be dependent on a masculine force to make their decisions for them.