Why Do We Need Another Network?

Cecily Hewlett
Aug 15, 2019 · 3 min read

There are many networks out there already, and you could go to an event every night of the week for the whole year in London and not even scratch the surface. So, why do we need another network and why do we need more events and talks about sustainability?

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Many networks are exclusive to a particular type of person or area of business or expertise. But, the issues of climate change, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity and pollution are bigger than that. They will affect all of us, and indeed already do in ways that we still do not fully understand. We are all employees, citizens, consumers, children, we all have different roles that we play in our lives and we can make an impact in many ways in many different areas. We need to bring together these different perspectives to understand the complexities of and the solutions to these problems.

Many of us are already trying to make a difference in our own way. On a personal level, it might be by becoming a more conscious consumer, educating our children and ourselves, buying less plastic, eating less meat,flying less, investing ethically or donating money. On a professional level, it might be by doing work in an area that matters to us, starting a green business or encouraging more sustainable practices in our workplace. We are all doing what we can, but do we feel like what we are doing is making any difference at all? Are we as individuals doing enough? What can one person do? Often it can feel like a law of diminishing returns as we make changes to our own lifestyle and as though the pace of societal change is frustratingly slow.

We believe that many people are already very well informed. Climate change is happening, biodiversity loss is happening and our planet is becoming ever more polluted. However despite this, we can ofen feel a little alone and a little lost when it comes to actually doing something. The information out there is often contradictory or overwhelming as well as a little depressing! And working out how to have an impact that makes a difference is difficult, especially when we have busy lives and conflicting priorities. But if one of us has worked out something to do, lets share it, wouldn’t more people be better than one? Wouldn’t it be really useful to ask someone what is in fact true — how do I choose between two products, how do I actually make my voice heard, how do I make politicians act in our common interests rather than in their own?

I am a consumer, and would like to know how best to consume to reduce my impact on the planet, and increase my impact on organisations that can make better decisions on my behalf, if there was enough consumer pressure to do so. I am also a citizen — I belong to a community and I have a government which works on my behalf. Many of us also, work for an organization. One which has an impact on the world through its operations and practices.

We can influence and inform through all these avenues. We don’t need to attend separate networks for consumers, citizens or professionals. We are all these things.

Our aim is to bring together people with different perspectives and interests in affecting change in all areas of their lives. We would like to ask professionals to help us understand how to be better consumers from a professional perspective. We would like small businesses to collaborate and share knowledge with other businesses in order . We would like individuals to join together to bring about change which would be impossible as individuals.

This is a movement, a green revolution, and we need to bring as many people together who are able to share different perspectives and join together to make big changes across society.

There is power in collective action, let’s see what we can do together.

Sustainability Network

Positive Action for Big Change

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