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Testing Session Takeaways

What did you learn from the the testing session and how are your discoveries informing your final revisions? Document your steps on medium.

User testing outcomes and our solutions

For our testing session, some major takeaways was:

  • People found it confusing that half the experience was on the interface while half was in physical. Make it more obvious what is the role of each medium.
  • Having to take a photo throughout the game to upload onto the interface just to show it at the end is very tedious for the players and takes them out of the moment. Can they just take a photo at the end?
  • How are players able to go back to their session to reference back to what they learned?
  • How to make the explanation parts in the interface (especially with a lot of text) more engaging?

The user testing session we had in class was really helpful and the feedback was very consistent as in the problems we were facing are closely related. We decided to emphasize on the physical component of our experience because we felt that discussion and collaborative work was an essential part of our journey and having that in person was the best way to create this engagement.

From this change, it resulted to us taking out many parts in the interface where players had to take a photo of their work to upload it for the interface to save/analyze it. This resolved the issue that make it tedious for players to consistently move back and forth between game and having to pause to take an image, breaking the mood.

Instead, we decided that the players can just take a photo at the end of their journey, upload that to the interface and this will automatically be sent to a competition where their ideas could impact real life.

Finally, we had a lot of text in some areas in the game. While that is inevidable to explain what some systems thinking methods are such as the CLA, we included many mediums to teach our users these important ideas, such as using video recordings, all explanations are playable through sound, and throughout the journey, there are also parts where users can click into the interface to be more interactive. We didn’t want to put too much “activity” into the digital component as it is suppose to be an aid for our physical board, but by inclduing a variety of mediums, we hope that this can be more engaging for the users.




A guided experience on systems thinking and designing for the future.

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Patricia Yu

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