Hormones and Healthcare

In recent history, American industry has rapidly expanded. Often, without any checks or balances. Now, we are learning that certain decisions made in production to get a products to us faster, bigger, easier… are negligent to our health.

The pesticide ridden food we eat, the products we use on our bodies, the plastic containers we heat up leftovers in (to name a few)… all can effect the human bodies hormonal balance.

Moisturizing your hands while waiting for the veggie dish (packed in your tupperware container) you made last night to heat up in the microwave, is a scenario many have been it. No obvious red flags pop up. But all these things are probably unbalancing your hormones, which control a lot more than your girlfriends “time of the month.”

But, my “time of the month”.. more like “months,” is what made me aware of all that hormones control and all that can throw them askew.

Lets get personal. When I was in seventh grade I stopped getting my period and then in eighth grade I got my period for, give or take, months at a time. It was awful. I went to a few medical doctors, I got a few ultrasounds done, some blood work done.. they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I didn’t have polycystic ovarian syndrome or any other condition their tests could detect, so each doctor just said I should go on the pill.

My experience on the pill was bad. It made me irritable and completely screwed up my metabolism. I gained weight and even while going to the gym three days a week and eating decently healthy I couldn’t loose the weight. My parents and I were aware that the pill was just slapping a artificial bandaid on my menstrual problem, and the side effects weren’t worth it, so I stopped taking it.

I went to a few different naturopathic doctors. One put me on a few different natural supplements linked to hormone regulation. It wasn’t until, almost a year and a half after the problem started, that one naturopath said we should test my exact hormone levels. Duh! It seems so obvious now.

For a month or so I spit into a tube twice a day and there was a section of our freezer for vials of my saliva. Once the results were back, they showed I had something ridiculous like twenty thousand percent more of one hormone than another. How had irregularity happened? Probably a combination of stress, genetics, but also largely activated by partaking in normal, everyday activities that no one tells you can screw up your hormones. One word that controls mood, metabolism, growth, and immune system.

Eventually my body systems corrected themselves with the help of natural supplements, healthier habits, and being more aware of what I was putting in contact with my body.

Now that we are becoming more and more aware that the “convenience” or plastic or say smelling nice on a date could be a major inconvenience to our health, it is important to educate the general public and advocate for big businesses to stop patterns of efficiency over safety and lies to the public for profit.

The biggest thing I learned throughout these events was how uneducated medical doctors often are on how to get to the root of the problem and how this is largely stimulated by the pharisaical industries slap-a-bandaid-on-it approach to medicine.

I would advocate for everyone to be conscious of what your body comes in contact with in our fast paced-production-product-driven world, and that alternative and naturopathic medicine often get to the root of the problem and take a more holistic approach.