What I learned

One of the first things I learned was from the first class which was when the woman had came in had talked about how the strawberries out were 4 weeks old and had been sprayed with different things to make it last this long. Every time now that I see strawberries that is all I can think about. Something personally that happened during this semester was learning more about recycling. I have grown up always recycling being told that if it was not done properly we would get fined. From this class I was able to see about what happens after things go to the recycling center. Another thing that I learned was just how much better for the environment and water it is not flushing when it is not solid.

During my service hours I was able to make connections with the class by going over different topics about food. Specifically what was in season food wise, how to see about what is good and how prices change based on the program. One of the obstacles with this course was the service learning hours aspect because it was hard finding a time to be able to go and service learn.