And what led me to start this project

Gui Louback
Dec 11, 2018 · 2 min read
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Christian, husband, father, son, and brother. Every step that I take comes from here, forward or backward, it doesn’t matter.

After graduating in Business Administration, I was able to land my dream job: project consultant. I think I’ve never learned so much in such a short period of time. It is the need that brings you this exponential knowledge; the commitment to deliver a project that you have never done before, within the agreed time frame, in the contracted cost, with the expected excellence. Despite constant customer recognition for deliveries, I also believe that I have never felt so stressed and worn out in my professional life. I felt I needed something more.
By this time, I had begun to get involved with NGOs and social impact. And then, I saw this video.

I understood that from then on, I should change something, which should help more. Then I quit.

It was a period of transition. I went to work in an educational publishing house since I always liked this area. During this time, I co-founded an NGO dedicated to the recovery and integration of refugees in Brazil. But while professionally planning and executing millions on projects, in the off-hours, supporting the NGO, we suffered from the lack of resources.

I remembered the above video and its warnings: from the uncertainties that the lack of resources, financial or human, can promote in any project or business, the advantages and disadvantages of working mission-oriented and the reflexes in the long term.

With these experiences and reflections, I have arrived where I am today: wanting to help those who help, persist and thrive in the long run.

And what’s the purpose of this?

Well, this is part of a larger experiment, I’m supposed. In addition to the Sustainable Mission, I am also initiating a mentorship project for NGOs, Non-profits and social businesses in Brazil: Missão Sustentável (same name, translated).

Actually, everything started with the Brazilian part, but I thought “if I’m gonna do this for Brazil, I could find a way to transmit some experiences in other cultures too”. So I’m starting Sustainable Mission as well.

How this is going to work?

Articles and, in the future, podcasts episodes.

We’ll have a range of subjects to discuss, technicals ones, but also strategics. Here you can learn about a budget built it to last, and in the next week, you could read about the importance of measuring your self-values.

Sustainable Mission

Service and mission in the long-term

Gui Louback

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Sustainable Mission

Service and mission in the long-term

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