What’s the Point of Medium?

It’s actually a great idea. You don’t have as many reposts as Facebook, fewer selfies than Instagram, and less people promoting than Twitter. Medium is a place for people to express their deep thoughts in an intelligent way. If you have a story to tell or an opinion to contribute, join Medium.

You get a few options, but not too many.

The simple interface gives you some formatting options, yet keeps the number small so your posts look nice.

Comments reflect you, reducing harassment.

Comments are actually posts on one’s personal profile. This in theory reduces the amount of harassment on the site, as everything you type reflects back on you.

You can work with others to increase your visibility.

Publications are a great way for many people to group related thoughts together. This allows several individuals to have a more powerful voice than they would on their own. (You also gain the ability to send content to your audience with the Letters feature.)

Most of the content I have found here has been high quality. If we all create such posts, the experience will be more pleasant for everyone involved. Instead of posting vague status updates or complaining, you can tell us why you feel that way here on Medium.