Sustainy: A Platform for a Sustainable Economy

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2 min readNov 7, 2016

Sustainy is a cooperative initiative that aims to create a web and mobile app focused on fostering a sustainable society and preserving the Earth. We strive to help users make informed food choices, promoting strategic, sustainable, and collaborative consumption.

In today’s world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the impact of our consumption on natural resources, which are essential to maintaining our current way of life. People are increasingly seeking ways to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainy simplifies the process and adds an element of enjoyment to sustainable consumption.

Our platform empowers users to measure, track, compare, share, facilitate, and reward their food choices, focusing on sustainability and health for the Earth, society, and the individual.

Sustainy allows you to:

  1. Quantify and simulate the impact of your food choices, giving you insights into your carbon footprint and showing how you can improve your score.
  2. Earn rewards and Sustainy credits (Scredits) for making sustainable choices, which can be used in lotteries, redeemed for discount tokens, or exchanged for products with Sustainy partners.
  3. Share and compare your progress with others, earning badges for achievements and comparing your scores to those of specific demographics or friend groups.

The app supports conscientious consumers in making choices that contribute to a better world by informing them of the consequences of their purchases and providing insights into product life cycles.

Sustainy’s use case story:

Katie is a conscientious consumer who values society and the Earth. She is stressed by the difficulty of understanding the true cost of her food choices and feels overwhelmed by the research required. One day, she discovers a new type of label at the grocery store that displays the carbon footprint, water scarcity impact, land use impact, and societal impact per serving of a food item. Intrigued, she downloads the Sustainy app and creates an account.

Using the app, Katie completes a survey of her diet and receives a personalized overview of her impact scores, as well as suggestions for improvement. She is motivated by the badges and rewards she can earn for adopting more sustainable choices.

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Jonathan Bean

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