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A response to a “Transaction has been reverted by the EVM” error

Occasionally, the Suter Shield users might receive the following error notification:

Here is the respective blockchain error info:

This problem is mainly related to epoch. The concept of epoch [BAZB20] was proposed to avoid inconsistency between the account state and zero-knowledge proof in the transaction especially when there are multiple operations related to the Suter account in a short period of time. To put it simply, the purpose of the epoch is to prevent front-running from happening.

Most of the burn operation failures can be attributed to one reason, i.e., the transaction is not sent to the Binance Smart Chain at the beginning of an epoch. It could further be divided into two cases: 1. the users’ local network is busy and hence the transaction is not sent in time. 2. The BSC network is too busy to accept new transactions. Therefore, the users are advised to launch their operations when the local and BSC network is not busy.

[BAZB20] B. Bünz, S. Agrawal, M. Zamani, and D. Boneh. Zether: Towards privacy in a smart contract world. In International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security, pages 423–443. Springer, 2020.




Bring the truly layer-2 anonymous transaction solution in Defi, to crypto, and the world.

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