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Announcement of Launching Liquidity Mining Program on CAKE (BSC)

Suterusu will launch a new “Referral” featured liquidity mining program on Cake

Suter Shield BSC privacy mining program has been launched for more than 2 weeks with over 2000 users and transaction volume exceeding 94 million USD. The TRY (Transaction return per Year ) of both mining pool maintains above 2,000%. Unlike traditional fund-locking Defi projects, our privacy mining program allows the users to obtain additional mining power by creating higher transaction volume. The idea is greatly appreciated by our community. We hope to further expand the user base on Suter BSC and allow more users to join the Suter BSC ecosystem. Therefore, we will launch our new Suter liquidity mining pool on Cake next Monday (March 29th). We hope everyone could give us feedback to help Suter transform to a better project. The most interesting Easter egg feature of the new liquidity mining program is adding “referral code” mining power bonus.

Suter BSC Liquidity Mining rules:

  1. To join SUTER/BNB liquidity mining program on PancakeSwap, participates need to deposit some Suter/BNB to claim LP tokens on Pancakeswap. The LP tokens have to be deposited to the corresponding mining wallet on to start mining.
  2. Each block reward is 15 SUTER token (one block generated every 3s on BSC). The total reward will be 12.96 Million SUTER tokens.
  3. The mining reward could be claimed at any time of the mining period.
  4. The first phase of liquidity mining lasts for 1 month, and the details on the second phase of liquidity mining will be announced in three weeks.
  5. The users can obtain additional mining power by using the referral code in the following two recommended methods:
  6. Use the referral code from other users: fill in the referral code generated by your referrer to increase your mining power by 5%. You could use the referral code only once and the filled referral code is not allowed to change. Example: 1 million USD worth of Suter-BNB LP token will increase by 1 million x 5% = 50,000 after filling in the referral code from user A. Total mining power will become 1.05 million.
  7. Share your referral code with other users and you will gain extra mining power that equal to 5% of the total mining power from the users who use your referral code (users who use their own referral code will still be able to have additional mining power). For example: if the total mining power from the users who put referral code of users A is 2 million, then user A will gain an extra mining power of 2 million x 5% = 100,000.

Attention: The additional mining power is only calculated among the corresponding referrers and referees. If the referrer withdraws LP tokens, the additional mining power added by the referrer will be removed at the same time

Suterusu will launch the official PancakeSwap Suter/BNB LP liquidity mining program on Cake at (GMT+8) 20:00, March 29th, 2021. Further instructions will be updated on Medium and Telegram. Stay tuned. We would recommend first participants of the mining program should prepare:

  1. Configure the BSC wallet, and Suter Shield BSC tutorial can be found on:
  2. Learn how to use Pancakeswap, which is very similar to Uniswap, and the tutorial can be found on:

Finally, have your BNB and BEP-20 version of Suter token loaded! There are currently three ways to obtain BEP-20 Suter tokens

1. Suter Bridge, Suterusu’s own cross-chain converting platform (

2. Go to PancakeSwap to purchase BEP-20 Suter tokens

3. Deposit ERC-20 Suter to MXC Exchange ( or purchase Suter and then withdraw BEP-20 version of Suter.

Pancakeswap Suter/BNB exchange link:

BEP-20 Suter contract address:0x4cfbbdfbd5bf0814472ff35c72717bd095ada055

Suter/BNB LP token contract address:0x6Ff75C20656A0E4745E7c114972D361F483AFa5f

Please confirm the contract addresses to avoid counterfeit token!

See ya Tomorrow!



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