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Latest Major Development Updates of Suterusu

After 3 months of diligent work, Suterusu has made substantial and solid progress in core technologies and products, especially the Suterusu protocol. As the Suterusu protocol serves as the core protocol, Its launch brings significant impact for the Suterusu ecosystem.

Core technology updates:

1. Recently, Suterusu project partners with cryptographers from Centre national de la recherche scientifique and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to submit a paper on a new efficient range proof scheme with transparent setup to a top Cryptography conference Eurocrypt 2021. The Suterusu project will incorporate this new result in our development. In this work, we introduce a new approach for constructing range proofs. Our approach is modular, and leads to highly competitive range proofs under standard assumption, using less communication and (much) less computation than the state of the art methods, and without relying on a trusted setup. Our range proofs can be used as a drop-in replacement in a variety of protocols such as distributed ledgers, anonymous transaction systems, and many more, leading to significant reductions in communication and computation for these applications. At the heart of our result is a new method to transform any commitment over a finite field into a commitment scheme which allows to commit to and efficiently prove relations about bounded integers. Combining these new commitments with a classical approach for range proofs based on square decomposition, we obtain several new instantiations of a paradigm which was previously limited to RSA-based range proofs (with high communication and computation, and trusted setup). This new range proof scheme will serve as a critical part of Suterusu’s novel ZK-ConSNARK scheme. The implementation and incorporation of this scheme will drastically improve the performance of the cryptographic module of our system.

2. Suterusu CTO Dr. Huang Lin attended BChain 2020 in Qingdao, Shandong on Nov. 2nd. He delivered an invitation talk regarding Suterusu’s work ZK-ConSNARK. He also had a panel discussion regarding privacy issues in the blockchain projects with experts from top blockchain projects including Algorand, mykey and renowned institutes including Shangdong Blockchain research institute. Here is the link to the conference video, in which you can find Dr. Lin’s presentation and the panel discussion:, to access the video you need to input the following password: axy1

Product progress:

After three months of elaborate development, the Suterusu Foundation has established that the Suterusu Protocol is the ecological infrastructure, from which the cross-chain asset privacy, ETH, and ERC20 token transfer privacy are derived from. Therefore achieve the vision of becoming a privacy slot protocol for all DEFI. The following are important recent product updates:

Official website update:

1. Highlight Suterusu’s products:

2. Add Staking Calculator

3. Optimize the front-end experience:

Users can directly display the trading pairs supported by the exchange by hovering the mouse and jump directly to the page for trading

Suter VM:

Suter Virtual Machine (SuterVM) that supports both anonymous payment schemes for smart contract platforms such as Ethereum and anonymous BTC cross-chain transfer module. Various sophisticated privacy-preserving DeFi functionalities such as collateral, Lending, DEX can be built on top of the technical modules provided by the SuterVM.

Suter Protocol:

The Suterusu protocol is a two-layer privacy protocol that will allow users to convert ETH and any ERC 20 Token into the corresponding privacy token in the Suterusu protocol, and then run the Suterusu transfer function to hide the identity and amount of the transferred account. The combination of this protocol and Suter VM will further allow users to preserve the anonymity and confidentiality of payments on other blockchain networks (such as the Tron network). The following are the main functions and APIs that the new Suterusu protocol will provide:

Fund contract allows the sender to create a Suter account and then create a transaction to run the Fund smart contract to convert ETH or ERC-20 token to its counterpart in the Suterusu protocol such as Suter-ETH or Suter-ERC-20 token, which would be homomorphically added to the newly created Suter account. The original ETH or ERC-20 token will be stored in the Fund contract. The user can access this contract by running CreateAddress and CreateFundTx algorithms on the client-side. The CreateFundTx algorithm takes the newly created Suter account pk and the amount of the native token amt as input. After invoking the Fund contract, amt amounts of native tokens are converted into the equivalent amount of their Suter-counterpart and transferred to the Suter account pk while the native tokens are stored in the Fund contract. Once the native token is converted to Suter-ETH and Suter-ERC-20 token, the users hold the ticket to enter the dark ballroom of the Suterusu ecosystem.

Transfer contract protects the payment privacy of the Suter-ETH or Suter-ERC-20 token by running the ZK-ConSNARK scheme as the sub-routine. It will guarantee the anonymity of the transaction sender and receiver by hiding their identities among other users of the system while protecting the transactional amount by encrypting the involved balance. This contract is the key to protect the payment privacy of any smart contract platform that integrates the Suterusu protocol. The sender can initiate this contract by running the CreateTransferTx algorithm on the client-side. This algorithm takes the secret key of the sender’s Suter account and the public keys of both the sender and anonymity set and transaction amount amt to generate the zero-knowledge proof, which would serve as the input to the Transfer contract. After running the Transfer contract, the sender’s balance will be reduced by amt while the receiver’s balance will be increased by amt.

Burn contract allows the users to convert their Suter-ETH or Suter-ERO-20 token into the native ETH or ERC-20 token at any time the users choose to. The API provided to the user to run this algorithm is CreateBurnTx algorithm, which takes the secret key of the respective Suter account as the input.

The development of the protocol has been completed, and part of the core code will be open-sourced this week (11/22–11/29).

Suter MIX:

Suterusu MIX is a token mixer of ETH and ERC20 tokens. It allows users to call the privacy payment function, to make private transfers, and to preserve the anonymity of the transfer on the Suterusu protocol chain.

Suterusu is a project built upon state-of-the-art advanced cryptographic technologies. These new updates are yet another testament to our belief in innovation. We will have more news on Suterusu’s efforts to expand into the new frontier of privacy-preserving technologies. Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey and being a witness to the growth of the Suterusu project. Stay tuned.




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