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Suterusu protocol will be deployed on Huobi ECO (HECO) chain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Suterusu’s mission is to anonymize all the cryptocurrencies in the world. The Suterusu protocol, built on top of our original ZK-ConSNARK technology is compatible with any blockchain platform supporting smart contracts. Our most recent product based on the Suterusu protocol, Suter Shield, can support the anonymous transfer of ETH and any ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our next step is to partner with the blockchains built by the two most popular Cryptocurrency exchanges: Huobi exchange’s HECO chain and Binance exchange’s BSC, and deploy the Suterusu protocol on these two blockchains. As both blockchains are compatible with EVM, we expect the deployment will be done in around two weeks.

Due to the popularity of both Huobi and Binance exchanges, this new partnership will undoubtedly significantly increase the user counts of both the Suterusu protocol and Suter token. Compared to the Ethereum blockchain, the Suterusu users on these two blockchains will also enjoy a significantly less gas fee, which we believe will also help bring more users to the Suterusu protocol and ecosystem.

The Suterusu project is making progress every single day. This new partnership signifies another giant step forward and Suterusu protocol will be supporting more EVM-compatible blockchains. The future looks bright for Suterusu. Stay tuned.




Bring the truly layer-2 anonymous transaction solution in Defi, to crypto, and the world.

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Heisenberg Lin

Heisenberg Lin

CTO of Suterusu project

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